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Chris & Codi at The Ten Mile Station

Friday, November 09, 2007 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Chris & Codi were married in Breckenridge at the Ten Mile Station.  This was one of my favorite venues this year because it is so beautiful up there!  It is about 10 miles up the Breckenridge ski mountain and the views are all around you.  They also plant a ton of flowers which adds to the beauty.  They were married outside with the mountain views of Breckenridge and had their reception inside.  They gave little trees to their guests to plant and had a huge chocolate fountain with a variety of things to dip in it.   Here are some of my favorite shots from the day! Congratulations Chris & Codi!








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  • Kevin wow! these are nice. care to share what effect/action was used for the 1st and 7th photo? 11.16.07, 01:50PM
  • andy Kevin thanks for the compliments. 1 and seven are both over lays. 1 has a metalic over lay and 7 has a stone overlay. Just shoot a texture and bring over your photo and lower the opacity to what looks good and doesn't overpower the picture. 12.27.07, 12:55AM
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