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Arrowhead Golf Course Wedding

Monday, September 15, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer, colorado wedding photography

Last week Angie and I shot a wedding at the Arrowhead Golf Course here is Colorado. We got some amazing wedding photos which we will show in the weeks to come. I wanted to show a shot that we take when the right kind of circumstances present themselves (Moon out to help light). The photo below was a long exposure that was made possible by the light that the moon and stars were giving off. Added to the photo was our assistant Charlotte with a flashlight giving off red light. This photo looks easy but it takes a few tries to get right. Charlotte actually has to write backwards to make this look right. How hard is it to write backwards? Great job Charlotte! We are also able to do things like this because there are two of us! While I was outside taking this photo Angie was inside taking pictures of the dancing going on at the reception.

What they say

1. Wilson 9-6 Their last name with the date of the wedding

2. Woods Love You: Our last name is Wood and we love and appreciate all of our clients and blog readers

3. Charlotte: Had to let our assistant get one for her facebook account.

I think they turned out really cool and the first one will make for something different at a beautiful location.

wilson wedding at arrowhead golf course

  • charlotte haha! thats awesome! 09.19.08, 11:24PM
  • Roberta Angie and Andy . . . I recognized that name/date Wilson 9-6! We can hardly wait to see the photographs from the day. It was such a wonderful time, Arrowhead was awesome, the weather couldn't have been more perfect, and you both were absolutely wonderful to work with! 10.05.08, 04:06PM
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Engagement Pictures in Colorado – Jessa & Kaliko

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Sorry for not blogging lately. The work here has been piling up all summer. All of the love and attention we put into our photography makes for some long hours during the summer. We spend at least 40 hours after the a wedding working on  images. So, If we shoot 2 or three weddings in one weekend we are already behind by 1 our 2 weeks. You can see the problem.  We end up working 60-70 hours to get things done.

Jessa and Kaliko are such a cute couple whose engagement session we did recently.  Kaliko actually called before he had even proposed to set up the shoot as a surprise for Jessa.  Of course she was surprised and very excited!  These two are both from Hawaii and are planning their wedding there next year!  Andy and I had a great time talking with them about the wedding plans because they are going to be in Kauai and that is where we spent our honeymoon 4 years ago!  Jessa had a lei made special for the shoot and I think it was a  perfect addition!  We are so excited for you guys and had a great time working with you!

Red rocks engagement session with beautiful skyEngagement Photographers that work in coloradoEngagement Pictures by andy woodEngagement Photo by angie woodRed Rocks is a great place for engagement session

pictures of engagement session


Many couples may be looking for a wedding photographer in colorado that can do their colorado engagement photography.  A&A photography offers creative and timeless engagement photography, engagement photos and engagement sessions.  You can call us at 303.888.9394 or fill out the contact form above to get a full listing of pricing and availability.

We will work with you to help pick a location and setting that is as unique as you are.




  • Andrew Schaefer Great images as always you two, I really love those last two. And the third one is killer as well. Sounds like your summer has been busy, hopefully you can get caught up soon. 09.10.08, 12:07AM
  • Amy Donovan These are stunning. I love them. I am so jealous that I live no where near this location! Amazing work! 09.13.08, 06:16PM
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Downtown Denver Engagement Session – Cody & Bri

Friday, September 05, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

We had so much fun the other night downtown doing an engagement session with Cody and Bri! We had a lot of fun doing it later in the night and using fun lighting! Fun locations including oxford hotel, union station and any fun alley way.  They are getting married at the Palmer Inn Divide here in Colorado in 2 weeks and we are really excited for that! Here are a few to share!

Couple getting there picture taken by angie wood


Engaged couple in doorway


Couple in downtown denver having their engagement photography by A&A Photography


Couple getting their engagement photography done by A&A Photography


Andy & Angie Wood

A&A Photography








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Wedding Color Scheme Help by A&A Photography

Thursday, September 04, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Picking colors for your wedding can be both exciting and scary at the same time. The colors you pick will help to set the tone for the wedding. You can use color in so many places including, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, centerpeieces, cake and favors. Andy and I will share a few things that might help your decision process.

1. What season or month will your wedding be in. If you picked a particular season imbrace the colors that are most associated with it. Spring and Summer colors tend to be lighter and more vibrant than winter colors.

2. A lot of research has been done on how colors make people feel. I don’t subscribe to much to this theory and think that you should pick colors that you really are drawn to and speak to you. Different cultures and regions of the world view them differently which also makes it hard. If you choose colors you like others will like them too.

3. What mood do you want to set? Vibrant Colors can add excitement and drama. A more muted soft palette can bring a more romantic feeling.

4. What colors already exist at the venue. Are you going to compliment them or do you have a palette than can take whatever color scheme you pick for your wedding.

5. 2008 Color Trends Platinum will be more popular than brown and will be the most used accent color. Colors that will work well with Platinum will be pale pink, bright aqua, and yello.

Color Suggestions for Seasons

Winter/Fall: Wine, Purple, Navy, Emerald Green, Turguoise

Summer/Spring: Aqua, Platinum, Soft Pink, Pale Yellow, Coral

Tools to help you pick a Color Scheme

Color Wheel

“Complementary” colors means choosing colors that are opposite each other on the wheel, such as red and green.

“Analogous” means the colors lie next to each other on the wheel, such as red, red-orange, and orange.

“Monochromatic” means variations of the same tone, such as bright red, dark red, etc.

Any of these methods will result in a great color scheme. Reading more about Color Theory will help in this process.

My favorite way to help pick a color scheme is a Color Picker Application.

Best advice andy and I have is to have fun with this and add your personal flare.

  • Kari Taylor Questions??? September wedding? What are your suggestions on color? It is in Montana. 01.23.09, 02:48PM
  • andy Hmm. It really depends on your personal style. I am really liking grey with a color accent this year. Grey with a Tiffany Green or Peach color? 01.24.09, 06:03PM
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