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Urban Fashion Engagement Session

Monday, November 09, 2009 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Angie and I recently had the pleasure of doing an engagement session in dowtown denver and a hotel suite. The goal was not to shoot the typical engagement images.  You know the ones grandma likes:)  Scott and Jo specifically asked for artistic fashion oriented images.  All of these images are Angies, because it took two of us to light these.  I think these turned out really cool. What do you think?



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  • Nancy So cool. Love the tones. You are a genius with light. Mind sharing how you lit these. 11.09.09, 03:02AM
  • erika I just saw these. They are so cool. They look like they came right out vanity fair 11.09.09, 03:17AM
  • Michelle C You have really outdone yourselves with this set. These are really out of the box guys 11.09.09, 12:53PM
  • andy Thanks nancy. I don't know about genius but we do like moody light 11.09.09, 12:57PM
  • andy Hopefully someday we can get a few pictures in there 11.09.09, 12:57PM
  • Alisia Campbell they're amazing! 11.10.09, 07:13PM
  • andy Thanks Alisia. Lots of strong opinions from people on this set. 11.10.09, 07:17PM
  • Charlotte I love these so much. 11.13.09, 10:40AM
  • andy hey charlotte 11.13.09, 02:21PM
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