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Destination Wedding ~ Mexico

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Posted in destination wedding photographer

Like most wedding photographers we get very excited for destination weddings!  One very popular destination for weddings is Mexico and you can see why once you are there with your feet in the sand, sun coming down and all you hear is the sound of the ocean making waves along the shore….oh ya and a camera!

Chris and Mindy live in Wyoming and we were so fortunate to get the call from them saying “Hey we’re getting married in Mexico and you should come along with your camera!”  We got along with them from the beginning and just from our phone conversation alone we knew we were going to love them in person!  In fact the first time we met in person was at the airport waiting to board to the plane!  We didn’t know we were on the same flight but soon figured it out and got to know each other right away!

It was hot of course…..it was Mexico in the summer and we thought the groom, Chris might melt away but despite the heat they were married on the beautiful white beach with the ocean behind them with Chris vowing to make popcorn for Mindy whenever she wanted it (I knew she was my kind of girl the minute I heard she loves popcorn)!

We literally had so much fun with these two we hurt from all of the laughing!   They let us be creative, shoot in the dark with the crazy colors in the pool and just wait until you hear about the next day…..

Chris and Mindy had quite a few people fly to Mexico for their wedding and it was so much fun to see the love they all share!

Because we were still in Mexico the next day we decided to head back out with them again and do more pictures, however we did not know what would lie ahead in our adventure……

To put it simply we were all smashed in one Taxi deep into the jungle…..climbing down into dark caves with wobbly handmade bridges and blind black fish and lights strung along the walls powered by a very loud generator and hung very close to the water.  We bust up laughing every time we talk about the craziness that was this adventure but this destination bride and groom are the only ones to ever have a story quite like this one!

The first image was taken of Mindy walking on the sand. It received 1st place at Professional Photographers of Colorado in the Wedding Category. It also received an Accolade of Excellence from WPPI.

  • Mindy Oh. My. Goodness. You guys are the BEST BEST BEST! Maybe we'll need a vow renewal in say, 2014?? 06.28.11, 07:14PM
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