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Suggestion and Silhouette

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Posted in wedding photographers

Silhouette is an outline of an object that appears dark against a lighter background.  I find that it is most effective when it is obvious what an object is.  It can be like the popular game pictionary.  You may not even have to show the whole object, people just know what it is.  In this case it is the brides shoes.  I also chose for this shot to make the background the in focus portion  which is a Secondary subject/content in the background contributes to the meaning or understanding of the photo.  We see that the wedding is taking place in a city with mountains in the background.  In this case Denver.  I am sure that some people wont like it, but from my stand point when you have the safe shots the perfectly lit closeups of the shoes, it is time to get the story telling images that are artistic.

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