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A Picture Keeps A Memory From Fading

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 Posted in portraits

Why do we do this and how I came to talk about it today.  A man that I love dearly passed away.  He loved to fish, loved his family, fought for his country.  I spent a lot of time with him in a boat.  I wish I remembered our conversations more, but I think I was to busy trying to catch a bigger fish than him.  He always seemed to catch the bigger fish.  He always had more patience to wait for the big one.  He helped teach me to fish, taught me a who the Wood men were and what has made us all tick for generations.  I got a call from my Cousin today to let me know that my Uncle had passed today.  I know he is in a better place, we had talks about it, it’s one of the thing’s all the Wood males could agree on.

I was left to reflect some today.  To remember.  I took comfort in the images I have taken over the years of him.  There is one in particular I have loved of him since I took it years ago, before I did this for a living.  Have you ever seen someone you have not seen for a few years.  They may be older, heavier, skinnier than the last time you saw them.  If you think of that person do you have an image of them.  This is the image the way I remember him.  Not younger or older, just as he was, doing one of the things he loved to do.

Images like this are important.  When someone passes away or a moment is gone it will never come to be again.  We are left with memories and if we are really lucky an image.    I believe Angie and I were meant to be photographer’s.  Our college degrees, the jobs we held before, the people we have met all lead us to here.  To this place.  Photographers all have different reasons why they choose the camera.  For us it’s a calling, our purpose.  It’s important and I just hope we are able to catch images for others that mean as much as this photograph does to me.

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Spring Wedding Season

Monday, April 04, 2011 Posted in Denver Wedding Photographer

This weekend we enjoyed the beautiful weather here in Colorado.  We got to shoot an amazing engagement session.  We talk about this a lot, but being a photographers has helped us to stop and enjoy the little things in life.  We all hear people say this “stop and smell the roses”.  It’s important that we do it.  The image below was taken because I stopped to enjoy the little things.  The beauty of the flower the light coming through the trees.

Make sure to stop and enjoy your wedding.  It’s going to be amazing

  • Brooke We are building in time to do photos ahead of time... and we're making it a POINT to enjoy ourselves on our wedding day. Your words are so true! It will go so fast. :) 04.12.11, 11:40AM
  • Catherine Guidry I absolutely love this ring shot! 04.14.11, 12:33PM
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Photography ~ WPPI ~ 2011 ~ Las Vegas

Friday, April 01, 2011 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

A little late than never…..

If you know Andy & I or read our blog you will know that every year we attend the world’s largest photography convention in Las Vegas.  The convention is for WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) and this year was our 5th year attending. From the beginning WPPI has been a great resource for our company and we can’t thank the small yet awesome group of people who run it enough!

This year was especially exciting for us because WPPI not only asked us to speak for them again but asked Andy to be a print judge in their international Print competition.  So the first couple of days we were there Andy sat on a panel next to some truly inspiring photographers and judged hundreds of wedding prints.  It was so much fun to watch him up there and I was so proud!

This Photo taken by Elena Hernandez

This Photo taken by Elena Hernandez

Thanks Elena for capturing this awesome memory!

It is always interesting to have your wedding photography critiqued and we both have learned so much over the years watching.  Over the last couple of years, Andy and I have been doing some old photography called Collodion Wet Plate.  It is a process that takes time but in the end you have a one of a kind photograph on glass or tin.  So this year I decided to take a chance and enter of the tin plates I created over the year of some wedding shoes.  I wasn’t expecting see my print be judged knowing there were hundreds of them to go through but I got lucky and was in the room at the right time!  With my heart pounding I watched them talk about the print for what seemed like forever, discussing whether it was a real collodion wet plate or not.  Finally they came to a conclusion and I received a merit for it!

We were also excited to have one of our close friends come with us this year and for the first time enter the print competition.  Matt is an amazing landscape photographer and after some prodding we convinced him to enter.  I sat with him as he watched each of the 4 prints he turned in come up and cheered when each one received a merit!  I still don’t think he knows how good he is but he was excited and we were so proud of him!  Here is where I insert his website so you can all go admire his work….:) http://www.kennedyphotography.net/

Here are the images he won with:

Andy & I taught a class again this year; it was a Masterclass and we spoke about marketing, wedding blogs, burn out, personal projects and all of the things we do as a company to handle them.  We were  lucky enough to have one of our awesome sponsors, WHCC support us again this year and they provided us with some beautiful standout prints to display in our class.   We had people from all over the country in our class and a few from Australia who apparently woke up in the middle of the night to register for the class!  It was a great class full of amazing people, each one giving us the reason to keep speaking.  Thank you to everyone who came to hear us, we had a great time with all of you :)

The last couple of days we spent going through the enormous trade-show, attending other photographer’s classes and chatting with with all of the new people we met.  It’s hard to describe the energy of a convention like this; everyone is excited to meet each other, learn new things and most of all get inspired.

Thanks Again to WPPI for all that you have done for us!

  • Jamey You guys always present yourselves in a professional manner and congratulations to Angie for her entry of Collodion! 04.04.11, 06:38PM
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