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Senior Photographers

Monday, May 02, 2011 Posted in portraits

We got together with some of our friends from ppc to learn and shoot some senior portraits.  It’s always a lot of fun looking around  for those specials spots that will create something you have not seen before.  Angie took this shot.  I used to be the only one that shot with lights, but there is a new master in town, and she is awfully skilled at what she does.  I love the way she framed this image.  When we get a chance to work on the rest of the images I was share them.  There are a lot of beautiful images.

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  • Brooke Oh MY the red is beautiful! I might be biased though, it's my favorite color. :) But I love how it kind of blends everything except her face, which pops out! 05.10.11, 11:29AM
  • andy Thanks Brooke 05.12.11, 09:37PM
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Making your Wedding Photographers Day

Monday, May 02, 2011 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

The world is ever moving.  It sometimes feels like we have filled every minute of our days with something.  We are all moving faster and it seems hard to have time for family or friends.  I know I wish I had more time.  We know our clients are just as busy as us so we don’t always hear what they think about their images.  It is super special when they find the time to write us and let us know.  You could say that it makes our day, but more accurately it would probably be the week.

Suzanne sent this recently and we sure did appreciate it

I just got back from Bolivia and have finally had the chance to really look at the photos you took from the wedding and they are GORGEOUS! They truly are breath-taking and I am awe struck with your ability to have so perfectly captured our day.  Thank you so much for your beautiful work!

Angie and I spend a lot of time talking about how unique this business is.  One of the ways is how personal it is.  We put a lot of who we are into our wedding couples images.  It makes us feel amazing when we hit the mark.

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