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Grand Junction Weddings

Thursday, February 21, 2013 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Because Grand Junction is about 4 hours away from us, we consider it a destination wedding and so we spend at least one night there.  The day after Boomer and Aimee were married we took them up the road from the winery (Two Rivers Winery) where they held their wedding, to the Mesa.  Although this area is very dry and desert like, it is really pretty….a very small Grand Canyon look to it.  The Mesa itself has a road that goes through the whole park with amazing views and some wildlife.  It was very hot being in the middle of the summer but these two were great sports and we spent a few hours driving around this pretty park.




  • Jamey Wow! Beautiful pictures and Great Photographers! 02.21.13, 06:03PM
  • Ken Topham Beautiful images, what a stunning location too! top marks all round here wow! ken 02.28.13, 05:00AM
  • andyangiewood Thanks Ken 03.01.13, 05:53PM
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