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Thursday, April 11, 2013 Posted in Photographer

We were asked if a few images of dogs, in our weddings, could be used in a wedding book.  We talk about the furry creatures a lot because we love them so much.   After many emails sending over images we received the book today.  The book Wedding Dogs: A Celebration in Holy Muttrimoney, you can buy it here on Amazon .  People magazine also did a feature on the book , pretty cool.

When we called our clients to make sure it was ok if the images were used. We found out that Brutes had passed away.  I was sad, but just like the images of people we have taken I was proud that we had taken some beautiful images for them to remember their faithful friend by.  I also thought how cool it would be to have your dogs, in a published book.  Thank you to Ryan and Lindsay for taking the time to be interviewed for the book.




  • A Follower You guys are very accomplished photographers! 04.11.13, 05:42PM
  • Fotos de boda Very nice collection, is cool when the pet join the party. I recently shot a wedding in Fotografía de Bodas for Foto Y Boda and the bride was so in love of the dog that they made an album for the pet too. So nice this option! Much people could do it this way Regards 04.16.13, 10:31AM
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