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What does Vail Cascade, Donovans Pavilion and the Vail chapel have in common

Thursday, May 06, 2010 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

There are so many amazing places in the Colorado mountains to get married and Vail is always a favorite!  We wanted to share a few of our favorite shots from a wedding we did in Vail with Todd & Michelle.  They were married at the Vail Chapel; if you haven’t been there it is an adorable little church in the town of Vail with a grass area out back and a small stream.  Michelle had a long veil and a beautiful bouquet of white roses and tulips.  They had a large bridal party; 9 people on each side, with all of their close friends.  Her bridesmaids wore different styles of long black dresses and carried bouquets of pink roses and tulips while the groomsmen wore simple white roses on their black jackets.  Here is part 1 of 2 of Todd & Michelle’s wedding!

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Vail Wedding Photography with Todd and Michelle

Thursday, May 06, 2010 Posted in wedding photographers

Between the ceremony and reception Todd & Michelle took a horse and carriage ride through Vail along the stream giving them time to be alone and talk.  When they arrived at the reception their guests were drinking cocktails on the back patio of the Donavon’s Pavilion.  The inside was beautiful with black table cloths, tall floral vases with pink  flowers and blue chair ties and napkins.  The room was beautifully put together and finished off with small candles on each of the tables.  For table numbers they framed a picture and story with different places they had travelled together.  They had an equally beautiful cake using the blue from their napkins and chair ties with white roses on the top. Each layer of the 3 tier cake had a different pattern using white icing and their initials on the bottom.  Michelle is an artist so she had painted a picture of the Vail Chapel with a thick mat to display at their reception for their guests to sign.  They had a long reception and danced for hours with their family and friends!  Thank you Todd & Michelle!

We got in a little trouble

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Bridal Sessions in Colorado

Friday, February 12, 2010 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

As I promised the rest of Kelseys Bridal Session. We had a lot of fun and got a lot of different looks from moody to elegant. Some of the shots were done inside our studio, and others were done just outside with available light. Kelsey brought some fun red shoes which you can see in the photo’s and they made for some cool shots.  You can see the rest of the colorado bridal session photos here.

Photographers- We will be doing a Class at Professional Photographers of Colorado on April 11th.  We will be talking about how we do these bridals from the gear we use to how we light them.  If you are interested, if you leave us a comment we will send over more information when it is launched by PPOfC.  Or you can go sign up, and join all the fun and support your local chapter of PPA.

Fashion Bridal Image



bride having fun with red shoes and blue chair


Colorado Bridal Images

  • stacy zehman Lovely, she looks like she had a lot of fun. I really love the ones with the smoke they are unique 02.14.10, 03:10PM
  • Joe Federer "Finished2" looks so ethereal ... just awesome mood in that one. 02.18.10, 05:21PM
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Wedding Photographers Colorado

Thursday, December 03, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photographer

Here are the some of the beautiful detail shots from the eastern Colorado wedding of Mark and Angela. Lots of beautiful color and textures to work with at this wedding.  Lets not forget some of the cool light.



The bouquet in Angelas fathers old truck.  The bouquet was customized with one of his old red grease rags and rosary.  Very cool 

Red Wedding Shoes


Angelas red  wedding shoes.  Andy and I love  color changing up the shoe color sure can be a lot of fun


A girl has to love details that come in a little blue box.  This is a bracelet from Tiffany & Co to wear for the wedding


A beautiful shot of Angelas Wedding dress in the church in eastern Colorodo where the girls got ready


Another shot of the dress with some dramatic light to spotlight it


Some makeup.  Angela had her wedding makeup done by our favorite makeup artist in Colorado Makup Envy by Danica Jadien

Just a side note that getting your makeup is well worth it.  It really helps the look of the photographs if done properly.  Just a few of the people and companies Danica has done makeup for:



TYRA BANKS (@ MAC COSMETICS)                   







HIGH NOON ENTERTAINMENT                            



JANET ELWAY @ SAKS FIFTH AVENUE                    


CARMELO ANTHONY                    





Wedding ring shot.  We thought the reflection and sleek black look went well



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  • Rogers Just wanted to say hello. I check this blog a lot. Sweet work. The first two are my favorites 12.06.09, 12:07AM
  • andy Thanks for introducing yourself, I am glad you like the blog 12.06.09, 12:09AM
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