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This is why we are wedding photographers!

Monday, December 08, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Being a photographer is a blessing for Angie and I.  It can be a strange business and full of surprises.  In a lot of businesses there is a tangible quality to the work you do for clients but for photographers it is more intangible.  If you do plumbing or electrical work for a client and the work is done to code, then you have done a good job.  With our photography we are creating something from a piece of time through our eyes for our clients to have for forever from their wedding day.  This business is very personal for us because we put so much of ourselves into the photos and artistic portion that comes with it.  One of the perks is getting emails like this from Casey, a groom from a wedding this year.  It was so cool he took the time write this for us;  it truly means a lot.

P.S  We will be blogging Tara and Casey’s wedding soon!!!

Andy & Angie-

“We received our wedding day photo’s this week and simply stated, they are STUNNING!  Tara and I could not be more pleased with both your artistic abilities nor the fact that you both are such genuinely great people.

Having seen the results of our engagement session this summer with you, our expectations were incredibly high.  So for the images that you were able to capture to be able to transcend those expectations is truly something special!!  The pure emotion and clarity that you were able to capture on our special day is amazing!  We had no doubt that the images we would be receiving would be special, but absolutely no idea that we would have the honor of being able to forever hold onto such great pieces of personal art!  As a daily, actually hourly, Adobe Suites user I personally thank you for all of the time and attention that you put into our 1403 pictures, it is very palpable and and definitely does not go without notice.

Thank you for such a great experience and we will most definitely be returning to you for future needs.  Your name is without a doubt the only photographer that we would recommend to inquiring minds!!”

casey kent


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Colorado Wedding Photographers Christmas Video

Thursday, December 04, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

We got an email from one of our friends the other day with a little video. We thought it was so much fun that we put one together to terrify you guys. Don’t pick on Andy to much I made him :) In this season we get to reflect on the past year and we want to thank our fabulous clients, friends and family for making this year special. It has been an incredible wedding season with over 30 weddings and many portrait sessions and our biggest year.

Happy Holidays from Faith(our jack russel), Angie and Andy

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  • Bob Decker How fun! 12.07.08, 11:16AM
  • Mindy I love it! You are fabulous dancers! 12.16.08, 09:02PM
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