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Children Acting Cute

Thursday, June 03, 2010 Posted in wedding photographers

When we are at a reception Angie and I are always looking around for the story that wants to be told.  I caught this little series of the bride and grooms son, who looks like he is going to be pretty good with the ladies one day.  The series just makes you smile and wonder what they are talking about.  Getting a shot like this is a lot harder than it looks, a lot of children these days, are very camera aware.  Meaning they know exactly where the camera’s are.  They usually turn and give you a smile even though you are trying to get a candid moment like this.  You may be able to tell this wedding was at the Brown Palace in downtown denver.  

  • bridetobe That is the most adorable set of images I have ever seen 06.03.10, 01:02PM
  • teressa Great catch 06.03.10, 01:06PM
  • andy Thank you 06.03.10, 01:46PM
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PUG Group at Spruce Mountain Ranch

Tuesday, June 01, 2010 Posted in wedding photographers

We were asked a few weeks ago to speak to the PUG (Pictage User Group) about lighting. The meeting took place at Spruce Mountain Ranch. I can tell you it is a beautiful location to have a wedding. From beautiful views to a staff that is really passionate about weddings. We all got a tour of the facilities and then onto the lighting presentations. We split into two groups and RJ Kern taught one while we taught the other. We spent our time talking about the gear we use to modify our lights. Being able to mold and sculpt light is valuable skill to a wedding photographer who may not always have the light he or she needs. Being able to create it gives you a valuable artistic tool.

Here are a few shots of our wonderful model Katie Van Buren who is also a super talented photographer here in Colorado.

It was freezing out but we managed to get out and show off the lights.  This is a garage door and one light.

These photos were taken by Keri Doolittle another good photographer in denver who was at the PUG

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