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Meet Angie

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 Posted in misc

Spring is here, wedding season is upon us. It was so nice out yesterday we decided to take faith our jack russell out for a walk. I grabbed a camera on the way out the door hoping to take a few pictures. Well I got to take some pictures of my favorite subject (Angie). Here is a sneak peak shot. I will post a few more later this week if we get 5 comments asking to see the rest.  Trying to get you lurkers into the light, come out and play.

  • Devin Workman OK it worked. Lurker here asking you to post the rest. I love looking at your work. 04.20.10, 10:13AM
  • Charlotte I want to see the rest!!!! x5 :) This is such a beautiful picture! Angie is so pretty! 04.20.10, 11:06AM
  • andy Thats cheating charlotte you not a lurker. 04.20.10, 12:03PM
  • andy Yay. thanks for leaving a comment 04.20.10, 12:05PM
  • Teressa I want to see more of your pretty wife. 04.20.10, 02:49PM
  • andy We have 3 so far keep them coming 04.20.10, 02:57PM
  • Jess I definitely want to see more. Love your blog & your work!! Hope to meet you someday at one of your workshops :) 04.20.10, 04:35PM
  • andy Thanks for stopping in Jess, that sounds like a plan 04.20.10, 06:10PM
  • Susan I love it! I'd like to see more! :) --Newbie Lurker :) 04.20.10, 07:51PM
  • andy Welcome Susan 04.21.10, 01:34PM
  • Sarah Tommisel Love this picture she looks so serene 04.21.10, 01:46PM
  • andy Its an illusion:) 04.21.10, 01:46PM
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Holga Workshop

Monday, April 19, 2010 Posted in Wedding Photography Workshops

Andy & I have been having so much fun speaking different groups and teaching lately! The next workshop we have coming up is Wednesday, May 5th with the Mile High Photographers Group here in Denver. We are going to be teaching the class about Holga Cameras! We are going to talk about the history of them, how to use them and loading the film. Everyone will also have the opportunity to “Pimp” their camera!

We really wanted to do this class about Holgas and playing with composition outside of wedding photography to show how much you can learn from doing different things.

Who: Andy & Angie Wood + Mile High Photographers Group
What: Workshop on Holga Cameras and compostition
Why: To learn about this amazing little camera, practice composition, take back the fine art photography you have learned and
apply those skills to your wedding/portrait photography…..oh and have fun!
How: Buy yourself a Holga + 2 rolls of B/W 400 speed Film, Register for the workshop, Make your way up the mountain
When: Wednesday, May 5th 1PM – 5PM
Where: Idaho Springs, CO
We are going to meet at Tommy Knocker’s Brewery! If you want to car pool up there there is a group meeting
at here in town, you can ask Jessica, Shannon or Andrew for more information.

We will also have a private room at Tommy Knocker’s after the class at 5PM for anyone who wants to stay for dinner and talk!

A requirement of this workshop is that once the class is over you must develop your film and have 2-3 of your images printed out and mounted however you like. We will be having a gallery opening Friday, May 21st, where these images will be displayed and all of your friends and family can come and see!

We can’t wait to see you all there!

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Denver Engagement Session with Justin & Lisa

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 Posted in wedding photography

We did this engagement session with Justin and Lisa here in Littleton at The Hudson Gardens Event Center.  It was right before winter so the leaves were still in full color and coming off the trees.  These two had a great time playing in the leaves, laying in the leaves and throwing the leaves!  We also managed to make it over to the haystacks and play around in the maze!  Here are a few of our favorites from the session!

Looking for more Colorado engagement session and photography. You can see more engagement sessions we have done in Colorado below.

Colorado Engagement Portraits

  • grace The sky's are just fabulous in these 04.15.10, 04:29AM
  • brandon Nice images keep up the good work 04.15.10, 04:30AM
  • andy Thanks brandon 04.15.10, 04:33AM
  • andy We did get really lucky with some beautiful skies 04.15.10, 04:33AM
  • Joe Twin I love the symmetry in the tree shot, but I love the technique involved in the hay ... oh, why'd you have to go make so many sweet images!?!? (Rock on!) 04.16.10, 12:54PM
  • andy Thanks Joe, of course its Angie's shot though:) 04.18.10, 12:31PM
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A Reflection of WPPI

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 Posted in wedding photography

Although we have taken our time putting this up we wanted to share our experience at WPPI this year!  The Wedding & Portrait Photographers International convention in Las Vegas this year was once again an amazing experience!  Andy & I started our week there watching the print competition and as usual were blown away by some of the amazing work from around the world.  They have some of the best  photographers in the industry judging the prints and many categories from wedding photography to pets.  They are 2 long days but well worth the learning experience!  I was very excited this year to receive 3 accolades of excellence from it and Andy reached the second level of the accolades program, Accolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement.

As always there were many parties including the GOBEE Bag party with the Fabulous Sara France & Lauren Hillary.  We had such a blast at their party playing pool, hanging out with friends and taking many photos in the photo booth.  I am also proud to say I am the new owner of a fabulous GOBEE bag and can’t wait to use it this year!  We also went to the Finao party before they were shut down, gathered a bunch of tshirts and then waited about 45 minutes to get back to the hotel lobby.  Going to the parties is the fun part of this convention, but it’s always hard to get up the next morning for a class.

WPPI always has a great group of talented photographers who teach each year.  This year they broke it down into sections, wedding photography, photoshop, business, ect…. This was great because you could pick which class you wanted to attend starting with the the section you were most interested in.  I would say if you are planning on attending, bring a notebook, a good pen and open mind because there is so much to learn from so many different people!

The tradeshow was also great, however overwhelming!  Andy & I did not spend all of our money there this year but we did invest in a new Shootq account and am currently learning all the bells and whistles!  If you know you are going to be buying some new equipment this is the place to do it because most of the companies who are at the tradeshow offer some sort of discount for being there.  There is booth after booth of backdrop companies, album manufacturers, software companies, equipment companies and many more.

This year Andy & I spoke at a Platform class for WPPI about SEO and Web Presence.  Our class was on Tuesday so we had some extra time to go over it again in our hotel room.  We had a Marilynn Monroe impersonator introduce us and a lot of fun prizes to give away.  We were so excited by all the people who came to see us!  Our room was packed, including a group of some Colorado friends who we shared bright orange “Colorado Crew” tshirts with!  We have a great community of wedding photographers here in Colorado and we are thankful for all of their support!

We are also very thankful to some amazing friends who helped us set up for our class, hand out prizes and tear down;  it is because of you all that our class was a success!  So thank you Suzanne & Jason Wille, James Wittwer, James Cooper and Ryan Kenny!  The last group we want to thank is our sponsors, Photography Merchant Systems, Flosites & WHCC,! Without your amazing products that save us time and money our business would not be positioned the way it is.

We are so grateful to be a part of such a great organization!  This is such a large convention with so much planning and I don’t think most people know how amazing the people who put it all together are.  It is such a small group that do the entire convention and we applaud them for the work they put in.  They change the lives and businesses of so many photographers around the world and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.  WPPI has changed our business for the good through all of the education, network of people and wonderful friends we have made there!

Special Thanks to Suzanne Wille for taking the shots of Marilyn and us speaking

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