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Mac Issues We have them

Monday, August 02, 2010 Posted in misc

Well anyone that knows us, knows that we have a major mac problem in this household.  We have every possible configuration and product that apple makes.  It’s not a horrible problem to have, it could be worse right?  Some people drink, do drugs , well we drink the mac cool-aid.  When the new 4g came out we of course went in to look at them but, we decided that we could get along with our old iphones for another year or so.  Well a few weeks ago I decided to leave me phone in the center console of our jeep in a glass of water.  Oops:)  Negotiations issued immediately. I think I might have even been accused of purposely taking the life of my old iphone.  I would never do such a thing.  Mac electronics are sacred:)  I was even threatened with just a prepaid normal phone for the rest of my life.  Really?  Who uses a phone thats only used for phone calls.  That makes it almost useless:)

Well after a few weeks of waiting we have finally upgraded and are loving it.  The video, and new screen are making for some new sharing of our lives with friends and family.  Stay tuned for some video’s coming up.

Taken with the new Iphone

Here is a cool video showing the differences through the years.

iPhone 2G/3G/3GS/4 Speed Comparison from Mike Hellers on Vimeo.

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