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PickPic ~ Professional Photographer’s Magazine Ad

Monday, September 13, 2010 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Andy & I spend a lot of time figuring out ways to make things easier for our customers and one of those things is our shopping cart!  At the beginning of this year we started using a company called Pickpic and so far they have been amazing!  Although each cart functions they same, they branded it to match our website and blog! Our clients are able to go through their images easily, pick their favorites for the album, other products and order!

We recently discovered they placed an ad in the newest Professional Photographer’s Magazine and we were so excited to see OUR shopping cart!  So, we thought we would share it and give a shout out to this awesome company!  Thanks PickPic!

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Wedding Fine Art Images

Friday, September 10, 2010 Posted in wedding photographers

I am loving these images and the way they are coming out.  So I figure if it’s something that I love you the readers might love it as well. It has taken us almost a year to figure out how to make these kinds of images.  The right kind of camera, film, to how to get a good scan. We own almost 30 camera’s at this point. It’s very satisfying when you start to get good consistent results from something that has taken so much time to work out.  There were a few times when I thought I should probably stop, since the resulting images were terrible. I am glad I didn’t though.  The imperfections, the grain add something genuine to the photograph.  I thought I would share another from the second wedding last weekend.

  • Allison Grout Ahhh! I love it! Way to tease us you guys :) 09.14.10, 03:33PM
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A portrait of Angie

Wednesday, September 08, 2010 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

I needed a few things from the Mac store this weekend.  So after getting some lunch I headed over to the Park Meadows Mall.  When I got done with the mac store, I walked around for a few minutes looking at the displays.  I love seeing the trends and styling of the ads.  One of my favorite stores is Aldo, so I went in to look around.  I saw this hairband that I thought Angie would really love, so I bought it for her.  Why am I telling you all this?  Well that little hair band ended up leading to a quick 15 minute shoot with my beautiful wife.  Here is a portrait that will hopefully have you wanting to see the rest.

  • Lisa It helps that your wife if gorgeous but that is an amazing picture! 09.10.10, 10:24PM
  • andy Angie says thank you lisa 09.11.10, 11:27PM
  • Mahvash Saba wow!! this was very nice pic................ 09.12.10, 11:45PM
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Wedding Dresses

Tuesday, September 07, 2010 Posted in Vendor Review

Everyone should have  a picture of their wedding dress like this.  We love to take pictures of wedding dresses and incorporate the venue or the environment.  This was taken at  Two Rivers Winery in Grand Junction and has views of the Monument.

A few tips from a photographers perspective.

1.  Get something you are going to love

2.  Get a dress that fits well and you will be comfortable in.  It doesn’t matter how pretty it is if you are going to be uncomfortable all day

3.  If you need another opinion you can always feel free to send over a few pictures of the dresses you are looking at for an opinion on which designs are flattering and will look the best in pictures.  We have had a lot of brides send over there dresses for an opinion and we have seen hundreds of dresses and know what materials and cuts will be the best for your body type.  We are here to help guide you through any part of the process.

I know many of our new brides that have signed a contract for next year are just now or soon will be looking for their beautiful dresses. I wanted to give you a few great places to start your search.  These are in no particular order.

1.  Blue Bridal Couture

phone : 303.446.2583

500 16th Street, Suite 234, Denver, Colorado 80202

2.  Anna Be

phone: 720.855.1111

email:  info@anna-be.com

1575 boulder street  denver, colorado 80211

3. The Bridal Collection

phone: 720.493.9454

email: info@coloradobridalcollection.com

8101 East Belleview Avenue · Denver, Colorado 80237

4. Priscilla of Boston

phone: 303.355.9491‎

299 Detroit Street, Denver, CO

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