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Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Posted in wedding photography

I have come to the conclusion that I will never catch this blog up even though I blog a few times a week.  The massive amount of images that we shoot each year yield so much work I want to share, but can’t possibly get to without hiring someone to write the blog for us.  That just wouldn’t be any fun.  You would never get a sense of what Angie and I are about.  Never learn those things that you don’t really want to know.   Picking images when we first started out was not hard.  We of course just picked the one that was in focus and properly exposed (lol). Now its a lot more daunting.  It is part of the reason it has been so easy to share single images.  Many of these images stand out, I can tell you about them without looking through our portfolio.

Here is one such film image taken at a wedding this year in  the Ouray area.  It was perfectly timed for the changing of the leaves and the weather was beautiful.  I love the brides smile and if I was being a sappy photographer the story the image tells.  I see this image as a metaphor for marriage.  Smiling having a good time through life, helping each other up and around obstacles. The image say’s follow me. Sometimes leading, sometimes following.

I have had a few people ask whats up the water.  This is down from Red Mountain.  The water has a lot of mineral deposits in some spots its almost copper.

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