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James and Astrid : Wedding Photography in Vail Colorado

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

This was a fun wedding we did here in Colorado up in the mountians! Angie and I felt the pressure a few times this year with producing great wedding photography and this wedding was an example of that! Not because of the wonderful people or the amazing scenery but because James is a wedding photographer and earlier in the year shot his best friends wedding. It truly is an honor when another photographer chooses you to shoot their most important day. We had to make sure that everything we shot was new and fresh. We got some really fun pictures and had a great time with James and Astrid. They were married at the beaver creek chapel which is a really beautiful place to get married in beaver creek. The reception was across the street at the sonnenalp in vail. The Sonnenalp has a great feel and is a ton of fun when shooting wedding photography. We hope you enjoy the wedding photos from Vail Colorado.

Portrait of dog in wedding

Bride and groom in front of beaver creek chapel

bride and groom in front of sonnenalp beaver creek hotel

bride in groom in beaver creek

table setting at sonnenalp beaver creek

ring picture

bride and groom wedding photographer beaver creek

Bride and groom at sonnenalp

beaver creek chapel picture

bride whacking groomsman with veil

Groomsman jumping

Groomsman having fun

fun photo of groomsman holding groom back for exit

groomsman before wedding in beaver creek colorado

grooms portrait at sonnenalp in beaver creek colorado

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