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Monday, October 05, 2009 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

One of our favorite detail shots at every wedding is the rings.  I wont go into the symbolism of the rings themselves, but they say something about the people that picked them out.  In some ways the shot can be very powerful because of what the rings mean.  The other great thing is shots like this are a great way to show the ring off to those that couldn’t make it to the wedding. I am working on a wedding today and I really loved this shot and thought you guys might like it.   

Wedding Rings

  • Emily Persay Wow.. Love the color and composition of this ring shot 10.05.09, 05:02PM
  • Jan Gerrod That shot is total redonk to the max 10.05.09, 08:47PM
  • Todd Guthers Wow......... 10.05.09, 08:49PM
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