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Vail Wedding Photography

Tuesday, November 03, 2009 Posted in destination wedding photographer

Until we get caught up it is much easier to just post a few single images for everyone to see.   This picture was taken at the top of Vail mountain.  The wedding and  reception was at Donovan Pavillion in Vail.  I just love the romantic nature of this shot with Paige and Marcus dancing as a huge storm was building behind us.  Of course we will be posting more images from this wedding so hopefully you can’t wait.  The good news is we have lots of material for the winter with over 20 weddings still not blogged.


wedding in vail


If you are looking for one of the following photographers you have come to the right place:)

Vail Wedding Photographer

Vail Wedding Photography

Beaver Creek Wedding Photographer

Beaver Creek Wedding Photography

  • Chris Van Meerhaeghe Wow Great shot. If you don't mind telling, What shutter speed and aperture was this shot at? I'm friends with Fred and Robin and she told me about your web site. very very cool pictures. I am getting into photography and buy books about photography. I will be checking out your site often. Thanks Chris 11.03.09, 10:59PM
  • andy Thanks for stopping by Chris. Say hello to Robin and Fred for me next time you see them. The picture was taken at 24mm at 1/3200 F2.8 at ISO 320. 11.04.09, 01:34AM
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