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Saturday, December 05, 2009 Posted in family portraits

Coming Soon the two Barnes Family’s. This year has been so busy for us that it has created a few problems. Two many clients and not enough photographers. We are looking into cloning technology as we speak to help take care of the problem:) We wanted to apologize that we were not able to get all of you in this season. If you were not able to get in we have some appointments in January available for the new year.


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  • Rose Beautiful.. Nice light 12.06.09, 01:02AM
  • Rogers Cool picture. Group hug everyone 12.06.09, 01:50AM
  • andy They are fun 12.06.09, 01:59AM
  • Harlan This is a great shot! I love the emotion and happiness. 12.07.09, 02:28PM
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