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A proud father

Thursday, January 10, 2013 Posted in family portraits

I know I say it so often, but it really is an honor as well as a great perk to be invited into peoples lives. To see some of the most happy occasions in their lives. We leave knowing the pictures we have taken, will be treasured. I also love seeing pictures after we have taken them and see them somehow imbued with feeling. They capture something more than just an image of the people in them. They capture emotion as well.


I will hopefully get to share a few more later, but I at least wanted to share these two.  A proud father and a new baby, something to smile about in an uncertain world.


I photographed these with b/w film  I thought it would really fit the emotion while angie photographed with digital.

  • Danica These brought tears so my eyes. Precious! 02.11.13, 08:31PM
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