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University of Denver (University Events)

Make the wedding you have in your mind come to life with the style of the Phipps Conference Center.  The Phipps Mansion and Histroric Tennis Pavilion are located in Central Denver on a beautiful 6 acre estate.  The Phipps Mansion is an old style Georgian Mansion.  It will ad a elegant and historic look to your wedding.  It is a great place for beautiful for wedding photography because of the old world romantic feel.  The grounds have fountains and extensive lawn areas.  Looking for a historic venue to have a colorado wedding then the University of Denver could be your ticket.

Phipps Conference Center

3400  Belcaro Drive

Denver Co 80209



groom kissing bride on forehead

groom kissing bride on forehead

Voted the best photographers in denver you can be sure we will capture your unique day.  Need a wedding photographer for an event at the University of denver you can see more of our wedding photography and wedding photographers.

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