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Angie is famous

Thursday, September 18, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Well not really.  Yesterday we were driving to boulder for an engagement session.  We listen to 105.9 and slacker and steve were having a conversation about wedding gifts.  I couldn’t believe it but angie got angry enough that she called in while we were driving up there.  The conversation was about what is customary to give the bride and groom for there wedding gift.  One of the callers talked about their family members making her wedding gift.  Each member of the family had worked on a part.  The caller said “it sucked they could have just given me money”.  Well angie called in and if you heard “angie from littleton” it was our angie.  Angie and I figured at our wedding that no one owed us a wedding gift.  It was gift enough that our friends and family had come to celebrate with us.  Someone taking the time to make a gift, even better, as it showed they had been thinking about us.

Thought I would share this since it was really funny to hear her on the radio.


Andy Wood

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Dove release and wedding at Brown Palace

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

We are putting up Anthony and Pam’s wedding as we speak for them to see for the first time. I just wanted to share one image with you guys (Sneak Peak). They did a dove release after their ceremony at the church. It was the first one angie and I have done and it was really stunning. I processed this image to give it a more romantic feel let me know what you think?

More information:
The white dove can symbolize love, faith and fidelity. Releasing the doves symbolizes for the bride and groom the new life they are about to embark on. It really makes for some cool wedding photography as well. I can’t wait for our next one.

Bride and Groom kissing during dove release

Looking for wedding photographers in denver colorado?  More colorado wedding photography and the rest of the pictures from this wedding can be found by searching for” brown palace wedding” in the search bar at the top of the blog.

Denver Wedding Photographers Andy and Angie Wood are take an artistic view of wedding photography creating a timeless fine art approach.

Colorado Wedding Photography  is a speciality of A&A Photography. 

  • derik Wow! That shot is amazing. I love the feel that was added. 09.17.08, 03:30PM
  • Eric Simply stunning.... 09.17.08, 03:32PM
  • JacquelynnBrynn That is an Epic shot! Love the processing! 09.19.08, 06:15PM
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Estes Park Wedding Photography Tahara Lodge

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

We just loved working with Carrie and Eric. You might remember them from their engagement session earlier this year. These two are such thoughtful kind people with great friends and family. The wedding was at St. Barts Church very close to the Black Caynon Inn. The reception was at the Taharaa Lodge. Carrie should be a planner, she really has great taste. I have to say she had some of the most amazing details we have seen since we started this business. Her attention to detail and classic style was enough to have me and angie say wow more than a few times. She followed a mountain theme using granite, bird cages , a variety of candles and moss.  Each table had a completely different look but worked together as a full room. Out on the deck she had engagement photo’s hanging from lines with close pins and everyone had a great time looking at them. Carrie and Eric thank you for having us along for the great ride.


ring bearer getting readyestes park weddingbride and groom walkingbridesmaids having fun on bridgefirst dance at tahara lodge in estes parkSolacebridal party having funcherry and flower toppergrandmas kissesflowersbeautiful detailswedding photography by estes park wedding photographerwedding photography by estes park wedding photographers


Did you enjoy this estes park wedding photography and would like to see more of our work?  You can see more at our wedding photography website

Want to see another wedding in estes park and their wedding photography 

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Arrowhead Golf Course Wedding

Monday, September 15, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer, colorado wedding photography

Last week Angie and I shot a wedding at the Arrowhead Golf Course here is Colorado. We got some amazing wedding photos which we will show in the weeks to come. I wanted to show a shot that we take when the right kind of circumstances present themselves (Moon out to help light). The photo below was a long exposure that was made possible by the light that the moon and stars were giving off. Added to the photo was our assistant Charlotte with a flashlight giving off red light. This photo looks easy but it takes a few tries to get right. Charlotte actually has to write backwards to make this look right. How hard is it to write backwards? Great job Charlotte! We are also able to do things like this because there are two of us! While I was outside taking this photo Angie was inside taking pictures of the dancing going on at the reception.

What they say

1. Wilson 9-6 Their last name with the date of the wedding

2. Woods Love You: Our last name is Wood and we love and appreciate all of our clients and blog readers

3. Charlotte: Had to let our assistant get one for her facebook account.

I think they turned out really cool and the first one will make for something different at a beautiful location.

wilson wedding at arrowhead golf course

  • charlotte haha! thats awesome! 09.19.08, 11:24PM
  • Roberta Angie and Andy . . . I recognized that name/date Wilson 9-6! We can hardly wait to see the photographs from the day. It was such a wonderful time, Arrowhead was awesome, the weather couldn't have been more perfect, and you both were absolutely wonderful to work with! 10.05.08, 04:06PM
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