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Alaska Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Just wanted to share a quick picture from the destination wedding we shot in Anchorage Alaska.  We have been working really hard to catch up on our processing of weddings.  Angie and I had never been to Alaska and had an incredible time both photographing this wedding as well as vacationing a little.  Hopefully we will have time to share some of the pictures from the vacation.  We caught some huge salmon which I thought was a highlight of the trip to Alaska.  I just wanted to say thank you to both Bonnie and Carls Family’s for making us feel so welcome.  Alaska really knows how to show hospitality.


More coming up from this wedding in Alaska



More Alaska wedding photography here

  • Mindy Wow! Gorgeous - I love the craggy tree and rocks. Very AK. 10.28.09, 04:07PM
  • andy The tree was really cool. Looked like it was going to fall over. It had a lot of character 11.02.09, 12:43PM
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Mexico Destination Wedding Photographers

Thursday, October 22, 2009 Posted in destination wedding photographer

Angie and I have been working to catch up with our weddings from this year (some really long hours).  Here are a just a few,  a small taste of the wonderful photos that we took in Cancun Mexico.  You can say that these shots are Mexico A&A style.  Soon as we get caught up we have a lot more shots from this destination wedding in mexico.  Chris and Mindy were an amazing couple, really in love and a ton of fun to hang out with.  I know we have made some great friends.

So for the pictures

If you are looking for one of the following you have found the right place

Destination Wedding Photographer
Destination Wedding Photography
Cancun Wedding Photographer
Cancun Wedding Photography
Mexico Wedding Photography
Mexico Wedding Photographer

  • MJ SCREECH!!! I'm trying to think of an intelligent way to say that these are amazing fabulous gorgeous inspiring etc. but can't calm down enough to think straight right now. :) 10.22.09, 08:15PM
  • andy And there are lots lots more coming.... 10.22.09, 08:24PM
  • Laura And as a friend of Mindy and Chris' I can hardly wait to see more. These are sublime already. 10.23.09, 05:26PM
  • jackson That water is so blue. Awesome, striking portrait 10.25.09, 11:02AM
  • Patrick Off the hook my friend. These are really different and very cool 10.25.09, 01:59PM
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The list

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

oursponsorsWHCC- Is the best lab in the nation in our opinion.  Their turnaround times are incredible for the complex operation they run.  Whenever we have a problem we can always find someone happy and willing to help us out. I don’t even know what to say about the quality of their work.  It is just top notch every time.

You can find more about them at whcc.com

Flosites-  Ross Tanner and the Flosites crew create some of the most amazing websites and blogs for photographers.  Every-time a new design is published I think to my-selve how do they do that.  We have contacted Flosites to create a new custom blog and website for us, we really can’t wait to see the magic.  On a sad note lets give 5 seconds of silence for our current blog:)  You can read more about flosites and see their designs at flosites

PhotographyMerchantSystems.com- One of our largest costs every year is credit card processing fees.  Ryan at photography merchant systems was able to set us up with solutions that are not only easy to use but cost effective.  I shopped around to find a good company to go with and the hardest thing was getting credible answers to my questions.  The way credit card processing is done can be very complicated for anyone who isn’t a finance major or a mathematician.  Ryan answered my questions until I understood, and when I was done it was obvious Ryan was bringing pricing to the little guy that only large million dollar companies usually get..  The solution we went with will be able to work pick-pic, shootq, and other systems that are common to photography work. You can find more at PhotographyMerchantSystems

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Thursday, October 15, 2009 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

We will be announcing our sponsors for WPPI coming up very soon. We are super excited to be speaking in Las Vegas as platform speakers for WPPI. We have an awesome lineup of sponsers to announce.

  • tarin Do tell:) 10.15.09, 09:56PM
  • todd Anyone good? 10.15.09, 11:00PM
  • andy Of course 10.15.09, 11:05PM
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