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Beginning of the Wedding Photography Season Denver Colorado Wedding Photographers A&A Photography

Thursday, March 23, 2006 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Well….it’s the beginning of the wedding season and we are so excited for this year!

We have some great venues and new ideas we can’t wait to work on. Here are the first 3 of the season. Enjoy!

  • HerValkyrie Great photos, and I am not a prejudiced Aunt who thinks her darling niece and hubbie do no wrong. 04.13.06, 07:05PM
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Mercy and Trey were married in Fort Collins Colorado

Thursday, March 23, 2006 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Our first wedding this year was a fun, yet untraditional event in Fort Collins at the Fort Collins Vineyard Church on Riverside with Mercy & Trey. After getting to know this couple we realized we needed a fun, off-beat place to capture their memories. We took them and their whole bridal party to the train tracks. They were good sports and we got a lot of great shots! Their ceremony was unique; lots of candles and very personal. The groom even sang to his new wife. Check out some of the shots!

Here are the lyrics to Trey’s song. This couple has a bright future ahead of them.

“Endless Days”

I can’t hide it any longer
Been tied down, not getting stronger
Broken hearted, all alone
Independence never shown
Need someone to call my own
Day by day I’m torn.

Then there was you, you broke into my world
Then there was you, just an ordinary girl
I guess it’s true that love can lift the soul
It’s me and you, together we are whole

I will give you everything
I’ll stand by you, you stand by me,
We’ll take on the world today,
Together we’ll see-
endless days.

It’s hard to deal with change in life,
True love’s unchanging through and through
I can feel it in my heart
There’s no stopping once we start
Nothing will tear us apart
Day, by day, by day

So long I’ve hungered for a love
that lifts me, you lift me.
So long I’ve suffered loneliness and turmoil,
you bring me peace.

And when I saw your face
I made this my endeavor
A future with foundation,
Love that lasts forever.

P.S. We are willing to travel anywhere to do weddings! So if you have a destination wedding we are more than happy to go with you :)

Andy and Angie wood
A & A Photography
Destination Weddings

  • Anonymous We had spent weeks researching other photographers, looking for just the perfect person to celebrate the uniqueness of my daughter Mercy and her future husband, Trey. Andy proved to be beyond our expectations. He and Angie are creative, innovative, and completely professional. They were always pleasant and never intrusive, but managed to capture every single facet of the wedding. In no way is this a high pressure man...he is an artist with an eye for what makes a couple special.Our family cannot thank you enough! Take care, Sonja Tuttle 05.15.06, 11:20AM
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Aimee and Jed Wedding Photography at the Manor House

Thursday, March 23, 2006 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

The next week we moved onto Aimee & Jed at the Vinyard Wedding Chapel and the Manor House. We spent the morning with the bride at home and we were able to get some beautiful bridal shots. We even spent some time trying to get her dog, Lily, in the shot! Andy and I love it when we get extra time with the bride!!! We had a great time and can’t wait until the next one! Here are some fun shots we wanted to share….

Congratulations Aimee and Jed! We wish you a great life together :)

Andy and Angie Wood

A & A Photography.com


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