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Childrens Lifestyle | Children Portraits

Thursday, April 30, 2009 Posted in colorado wedding photography

Andy & I have a studio and we do family, children and senior photography as well as the wedding photography!  Most of the time these are previous clients of ours and we have a lot of fun watching them grown their family!  I realize that we don’t share these sessions as much as our weddings and engagements, so today I thought I would post a few of our favorite pictures from Owen who just turned 1!  I took pictures at his actual birthday party and then they brought him in for a session at the studio!  And of course they gave him cake, that his dad made  :).  I don’t think I have ever seen a kid be so neat and clean!

Happy Birthday Owen!


  • Curtis Copeland Great children's portraits! You really captured the energy and bright smile of Owen. Nice work! 05.06.09, 09:09AM
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Wedding Photography Model Shoot

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Posted in colorado wedding photography

We recently got together with some photographer friends and some great models!  We played with some lighting techniques, hung out in the rain and took a few pictures!  Andy & I had a great time and thought we would share a few from the day!  This is the same kind of shoot that would be done for a trash the dress. You can see our past work for trash the dress here.


  • Diana Daley I love that panoramic... dreamy, gorgeous! You rocked it. 04.30.09, 07:41AM
  • Martin Haseman That last shot is a stunner. Wow. 06.01.09, 08:01AM
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Fun Wedding Traditions

Monday, April 20, 2009 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

I love traditions and in weddings you see a lot of them! I wonder when people plan or go to a wedding if they even know what all the traditions are and where they came from. Do we just do them because everyone else does? I recently spent some time researching the traditions we now use in weddings and thought I would share them!



Why the bride wears white:

The color white stands for purity and worthiness, but Queen Victoria actually started this tradition in 1840 when she wanted to use white lace on her dress and from then on women followed out of respect for her.


Why the bridesmaid’s dresses all the same:

In the old days they did this to confuse the evil spirits and protect the bride



Why Aisle runners are used:

To keep bride’s dress from touching the ground and getting dirty



Why bride’s carry bouquet down the aisle:

Originally they carried spices & herbs (garlic, dill, chives, sage, rosemary). They did this for the strong smells to ward off evil spirits.



Why people throw rice/birdseed at the couple when they leave the church:

It was to symbolize plentiful crops so they would have good luck in the marriage and fertility



Why the wedding ring is worn on the finger it is:

It is said there is a vein from that one finger that directly goes to your heart



Why do we feed each other cake:

It is a statement to everyone that you will provide for each other



What is considered unlucky to see on your way to get married:




What is the appropriate amount of time a couple has to send thank you notes from their wedding:

They say 6 months is the amount of time you have to get them all out



When the 1st wedding shower took place:

In the 18th century for a poor couple in Holland to help them with the things they would need for their new home


What the 3 most popular months worldwide to get married in:

May, June, October


Why women orginally wore a veil:

In the earliest of times it was to show the dominance of the man. At the end of the ceremony he would lift it to show he was the man of the house and she was subordinate. In Rome they wore a red veil and in Greece they wore a yellow veil. In the US Nelly Curtis wore a veil when she wed George Washington’s Aid ( Major Lewis). When she was getting ready there was a curtain flowing around her and he thought she looked so beautiful she decided to wrap one around herself in the ceremony.


The tradition of the Groom’s Cake:


Originally it was something that the groom’s mother made and they handed out to each of their guests as a favor.  The single women would take it home and put it under their pillow;  they said that when they did this they would marry the man they dreamed of that night.

silence1Wedding VailSouthern Colorado Wedding Photographerweddings in colorado

  • Jeanne Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your pictures are fantastic and so is your blog, it's real eye candy. 04.24.09, 02:27PM
  • Kris Excellent blog& presentation. Keep writing more and more. I voted for your blog and suggested your blog to my friends also. I hope you are so kind to vote for my blog also. 05.02.09, 11:29AM
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Creative Colorado Wedding Photographers

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer, colorado wedding photography

Cody | Bri

Here is another awesome couple’s wedding we shot a wedding for here in Colorado!  The ceremony and reception both took place at the Inn at Palmer Divide south of Denver.  Even from the first time we met with this couple we loved them and knew we were going to have a good time!  They both have such huge hearts and love just radiates off of them!  They were married on the back section of the Inn at Palmer Divide outside and had their reception inside in the ballroom.  They used Black and Silver as their main colors with hints of pink in the flowers and green on the tables and decor.  She used The Little Flower Shop and they did a lot of pink daisies in her centerpieces and bouquets.  All of the colors went really well together and the room looked amazing!  Bri did a great job with all of the little details making sure everything matched from the invitations all the way to the food menu on the tables.  Their cake was beautiful as well from Piece of Cake, it was really tall and definitely made an impact in the room with all of the colorful flowers. They had even made their ceremony extra special with several friends who sang throughout it.  After the wedding we found some cool old places to take more photos with them;  they were such troopers and we had so much fun!   Here are some of our favorite pictures from their wedding day here in Colorado:

  • Charlotte Beautiful :) 04.14.09, 09:48PM
  • Joey's Photography Stunning images !!! 04.16.09, 12:11AM
  • Jill As always - these are gorgeous! 04.16.09, 12:58PM
  • Bri Rock Andy and Angie!!! There aren't enough words to describe how much we loved working with you two both for our engagement session and our wedding day. You were so much fun and you made what could have been an extremely streeful day into a flawless one! Thank you so much for everything you've done for us!!!! 04.16.09, 04:08PM
  • Sarah Mansur LOVE your work! I am always excited to see new posts. I love your style...very inspiring! 04.21.09, 08:51AM
  • Leah I love these pictures- especially the beautiful flower girl dress! 04.28.09, 03:18PM
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