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Christies of Genesee

Christies of Genesee has it all from Denver’s city lights to waterfalls and a forest covered garden.  Only twenty minutes west of Denver, its a perfect location for a wedding.  Its beautiful cherry wood decor with floor to ceiling windows, Christies of Genesee is a dignified and exquisite setting for any wedding.  Because of its diverse environment, photographers of A&A Photography love shooting here, and are able to capture beautiful moments.  Christies of Genesee also includes caterers, disc jockey, bartenders, all made up of a friendly staff that will take care of all your needs, making your day perfect.


Andy and Angie Wood


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Christies of Genesee

25918 Genesee Trail Road
Golden, CO 80401



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2.  Christies of Genesee wedding photography

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5.  Christies of Genesee  photography

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