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Denver Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens has been open since 1951.  They have more than 1400 species of plants.  It will be a great opportunity to see plants from such places as Austrailia, South Africa, and places as far as off as the Himalayas.  The denver botanic gardens has been recognized as one of the top gardens in the United States.  Sounds like a great venue for a wedding right?  Well it is.  Want a unique spot for a denver wedding go and check it out.

Some of their facilities include sites as large as 23 acres.

Denver Botanic Gardens

909 York Street

Denver, Co 80206


wedding photography by A&A Photography

wedding photography by A&A Photography

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1. Wedding Photographers at the denver botanic gardens

2.  Wedding Photography at the denver botanic gardens

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3.  Wedding Photos

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