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We just added 7 new videos with our Wedding Photography

Thursday, March 18, 2010 Posted in wedding photography

We just put together 7 new videos to put on iphones or display on the blog. The music is fun and I think they show off our destination weddings, trash the dress sessions and colorado wedding photography, really well. Have fun and feel free to share them. There are some new images as well as some of our old classics.

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WPPI 2010 16×20 Print Competition Angie Wood Awards

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 Posted in wedding photographers

If you missed we were just in Las Vegas for WPPI 2010 , you must not have been reading this blog!  We were  really busy planning our Platform Class and only had time to put a few images in for Angie for the print competition.   I will share the pictures from the Platform Class when our friends send them over, I am sure you will get a kick out of the Marilyn Monroe we had introduce us; she was great.  Angie received 3 AOE (Accolades of Excellence) in the 16×20 competition;  she has close to 20 now and I am so proud of her.   I know it gets a little old but, we again want to thank the incredible clients we have for allowing us to take that extra time with lights and posing and allowing us to create these kinds of images.  Creating something fun and artistic can be a lot of work, but the payoff is something unique.

Engagement Session taken in downtown Denver.  The hope for this series of images was something  different, hip and fashion oriented.  I think Angie really hit the mark with this image. We want to thank Scott and JO for asking for something different and collaborating on this engagement session.


This beautiful image was taken in Cancun Mexico at the Secrets Maroma for a destination wedding.  We want to thank Mindy and Chris for taking us down to such a beautiful place for a wedding and for the adventures we had the next day.  ”All the single ladies”  will never have the same meaning.  Sorry, that was an inside joke, but the good news is, is  hang out with us for a little while and we will have our own.

This image was an instant classic in my book. It really fit the Chateau at Fox Meadows in north Denver.  It reminds me of an ending scene in an old black and white movie.  I want to thank Joe and Valerie for  flattering us and letting us take this shot.  A lot of times the bride and groom can’t envision what you are trying to do.  It was dark and if I wasn’t a photographer I would have no clue how this kind of shot would work either.

We are very excited for 2010 and can’t wait to see what comes out of it!

If you liked this post you can read more about other awards at WPPI here

Award Winning Wedding Photographers

Andy and Angie Wood win more awards

Wedding and Portrait Photographers Awards

Press release given by WPPI


Angela Wood Wins Three Accolades of Excellence
in the
2010 Awards of Excellence 16×20 Print Competition
Angela Wood of Littleton, CO, has received special honors in the WEDDING & PORTRAIT
PHOTOGRAPHERS INTERNATIONAL (WPPI) 2010 Awards of Excellence 16×20 Print Competition.
Designed to recognize outstanding photographers, the judging was held in Las Vegas, NV on March 6
and 7, 2010.
“We Finally Meet” received an Accolade of Excellence in the Bride and Groom Together category. “The
Sound of the Ocean” received an Accolade of Excellence in the Bride or Groom Alone category. “The
Roosevelt Room” received an Accolade of Excellence in the Engagement category.
Wood competed against an international field of photographers to win such honors.
The Awards of Excellence 16×20 Print Competition awards are presented each year at the largest trade
show, educational platform and convention in the United States for professional photographers. The
2010 competition included 3388 prints in 18 different categories submitted by photographers from all
over the world.
For more information please visit www.wppionline.com/competition.aspx
# # #




  • Beth Beautiful work angie, artistic. 03.17.10, 10:11PM
  • andy Thanks Beth 03.17.10, 10:11PM
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Heather Gardner Colorado Wedding Planner

Saturday, March 13, 2010 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

I’ve heard Colorado is among the top 10 places to have a destination wedding, which is not surprising with how beautiful it is! We have a lot of great venues, vendors, wedding photographers and wonderful wedding planners. I wanted to do a little post on our wedding photography blog about a great new vendor we have here!

We recently met this wedding planner through a Mile High Photographers event up in Estes Park at the Beautiful Della Terra. Heather Gardner from La Dolce Vita Weddings has been wonderful talk to about weddings, business and life. She is professional, knowlegable and would be a great asset for any bride through her wedding planning. We were instant friends when we met and I can’t wait to work on many weddings with her!

Heather recently wrote a post about us and I wanted to thank her as it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever written about us! This is the kind of post I will keep around to pull out on a bad day Thank you Heather; you are also a gem among the wedding vendors here in Colorado!

You can read Heather’s post here:

Heather’s Post

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Wedding & Portrait Photographers International – 2010!

Thursday, March 04, 2010 Posted in Denver Wedding Photographer

I can’t believe it’s here, but WPPI 2010 is starting!  Andy & I are leaving for Las Vegas for the convention and we are super excited!  This year we are doing a Platform class on SEO & Web presence.  The class will be on  Tuesday Evening in Room 306 and 307 at 6:30 PM.  We have a ton of things to give away throughout the class and a fun surprise guest to introduce us!  We are excited to share some of the tools Andy & I are  using on the web with our own business and can’t wait to learn from some of the best wedding photographers in our industry.  Can’t wait to see you all there!

Colorado Photographers-  We have a ” Colorado Crew” T-shirt we made just for you.  To get it you must do this

1.  Twitter that you are going to our program at WPPI and include @andyangiewood

2.  Be to the class 15 minutes early and sit in the front. First 20 will receive shirts

For our clients-  We will be out of Town for the next week and will have limited time for email and phone.  We will get back with everyone as soon as we are back.  If you need us for an emergency we can be reached at 303.888.9394

Some fun ones

Here are few pictures from last year. Thank you to our friend Kent Meireis Photography for taking this pictures for us.

Apparently this shot shows it lol.

  • james w Who is Andy and Angie WOO??? Loved your class, you were both great, and Marilyn, that must have been the WOO. 03.17.10, 02:17AM
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