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We are on Ebay

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Posted in misc

We talked about the Thirst Relief mentor auction last week and what a great cause it is. I was floored to learn how many people go without clean water and how much this organization helps. Well it’s finally live and you can bid on us as well as some really awesome photographers.

We are donating of course our time but also a lunch with us, paid for by us. We can talk about anything you want to know. On top of lunch we are also offering a One Day- private Woodshop. We will custom tailor the instruction to exactly what you want. Want to go out and do a shoot? Learn studio lighting. This is for you and one other person if they are from the same studio. So free lunch + (800.00) Woodshop.  

You can find the ebay auctions http://thirstrelief.shootq.com/join.php

Happy Bidding,

Andy and Angie Wood

  • Kansas City Wedding Photographer What a great idea. I am a huge fan of your work. I spend way to much time on here. I hope my bid is enough. 02.16.10, 03:44PM
  • andy So do I. Thanks for the bid Kansas 02.16.10, 03:47PM
  • Kay Beaton I'm a Breckenridge Photographer and am NOT going to WPPI this year - could we do the mentoring here in Denver? I would LOVE to learn a few things from you guys - AMAZING images! 02.16.10, 04:35PM
  • andy We sure can! For people out of the state we can also do a phone conversation. 02.16.10, 04:40PM
  • Karla This is why I chose you as my photographers. You are so caring and it shows in your photographs and actions. 02.16.10, 04:59PM
  • Kay Beaton Yippee - I just bid and am the highest bidder right now, but there are 24 hours left! 02.16.10, 05:34PM
  • andy Sweet, Thanks for bidding. Its a good cause. 02.16.10, 05:35PM
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Monday, February 15, 2010 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer, misc

Our friends Lauren Hillary and Sara France have a wonderful bag line for photographers that we wanted to share. There is a womens version and a mans version since we know that they have different needs. The Card Holster has 8 card compartments and the Hip Clutch for the women has 12. They are super stylish, and something that the photography companies have overlooked. Not everyone wants something that plain-black made with backpack material. If you want more information you can get it on the GO|BEE bags website. When we were in Nashville these things were flying out of their booth.

Lauren was nice enough to give us a code to share with you. Maybe it will save you a few bucks and you can go out to dinner.

GO|BEE bags Promo Code for 15.00 dollars off any order aanda77

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Flosites Photography Blogs

Tuesday, February 09, 2010 Posted in misc

We launched our new blog just a few weeks ago and the response from clients as well as other photographers has been amazing.  We truly lucked out getting Flosites to design our new Blog as well as our new website that will be up very, very soon.   It only runs through today the 15th so if you are looking for an amazing blog check it out Flosites.

> Custom Blog – $2400

- Custom layout and Design as a blog site in a blog or site layout

- Sneak peak image viewer + Social Integration + Voting

- Gallery Setup with sub content pages

- WordPress setup and installation

+ A Free 2 concept logo package for branding

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Astronauts using Twitter in Space

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 Posted in misc

I read an article last night on the USA Today website I thought was pretty cool. It is about Astronaut Massimino sending twitter updates back from space. You can read more about this at USA TODAY. Technology is really helping people share what they see, whether its the internet or social media. Peoples photography and vision is much more easily shared with those around them. It is an exciting time to be a photographer.

“The one regret that I have when I look out the window and I see how beautiful the Earth looks … is that you can’t share it with everyone,” Massimino said during a news conference Wednesday. His twittering “is just an attempt at doing that.”

I just wanted to share this because I thought it was so cool that you can twitter from space and follow these guys.

Here is a list of 5 Astronauts that are using Twitter.

@Astro_Tj – TJ Creamer, NASA

@Astro_Soichi – Soichi, CNSA

@Astro_Mike – Mike Massimino, NASA

@Astro_127 – Mark Polansky, NASA

@Astro_Naoko – Naoko Yamazaki, CNSA

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