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Wedding Photographer Colorado Mountains

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Posted in colorado wedding photography

Many brides get really upset when it rains on their wedding day. It can cause some problems, but I can tell you that it always works out. Because of our unique way of shooting wedding photography, it creates amazing opportunities for the bride willing to brave a little wet. We are one of the few photographers that I know of that have brides saying before their wedding “I hope we get a little rain and some amazing clouds”.

So if it rains at your wedding. Take a deep breath and know that something magical is going to happen.


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Colorado really is beautiful

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photographer

It is funny what we take for granted. Angie and I have grown up in Colorado our whole life. I was born in Loveland Colorado went to Columbine Highschool, then to Colorado State University, and moved back to the Littleton area. Before being a photographer, I was an IT consultant who traveled every week. I have seen a lot of the United States. There really isn’t much that compares to how beautiful Colorado can be. Getting to shoot weddings in the Colorado Mountains truly is a pleasure, and I wanted to share a few shots from a wedding we are working on. The other shot is one that we don’t often see as much because often the groom can be overlooked. Look for more coming from this Silverthorne Wedding.

Get out and see the leaves changing if you haven’t had the chance yet.

  • Brit Love these images. I have a deep affection for the mountains of Colorado, which is one of the reasons why my fiance and I planning a big move to CO after our wedding. These pictures just make me want to move there sooner. Gorgeous! 09.29.09, 10:40PM
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Who are you?

Monday, September 28, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography


Angie and I spend a lot of time putting content on this site and love to hear when people are frequent visitors.  We get a lot of feedback from people in all parts of the wedding business.  We know that many of our brides years after they are married stop by a few times a month to see what is going on.  We have a lot of fun writing on this blog and we are so glad so many enjoy it.   To help us better focus some of the material we are curious who is reading this.


  • Brit I actually fit under two categories (Bride and Other Wedding Professional), but I just love to stalk photographer blogs for inspiration for my wedding and those of my brides! 09.28.09, 04:59PM
  • andy Thats so cool. Didn't think to add a hybrid category. Congratulations 09.28.09, 06:20PM
  • Mindy I think I fall into that 'blog stalker for inspiration' category as well (bride/wedding coordinator) - plus you guys shot our wedding and we think you're talented AND hilarious. ;) 09.29.09, 04:52PM
  • andy Mindy shhh... I don't think anyone gets when we are trying to be funny. I think its too dry for most :) 09.29.09, 08:02PM
  • Bruce Wayne I am the Batman! 09.29.09, 08:45PM
  • andy Well batman are you going to hire us for you wedding? 09.29.09, 08:51PM
  • emily Yep, another blog stalker, uh, I mean student. I took two of your classes at ACC and spend a lot of time on the internet checking out other people's work...including your AMAZING pictures!! 09.30.09, 10:43AM
  • andy I forgot to add student that is so cool. 09.30.09, 11:36AM
  • Lisa Even though you guys shot our wedding, I would rank you as friends first. I got to know Angie long before we hired you. So my hybrid is Bride and friend.... 09.30.09, 02:23PM
  • andy Definitely a friend first lisa. Glad to see you on here. 09.30.09, 06:11PM
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Creative Wedding Photographers

Monday, September 21, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photographer

We love using any kind of camera to document weddings in colorado.  We have collected toy cameras, old polaroid cameras, even had a reproduction 8×10 camera with petzval lense.  Andy took a few polaroids this weekend and we wanted to share them.  Film and polaroid have a much different look than digital. They are not as sharp, and have muted colors.  The polaroids were the first instant photograph.  There is still something magical about shooting them.  See if you like them.  The wedding was at Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge Colorado.


This is a collodion wet plate/ 4×5 of the polaroid camera we used.collodion_polaroid

  • tarin Really magical. I Love Polaroids 09.22.09, 01:17AM
  • rosostrov.ru Everything is looks amazing. Thanks for sharing them 09.25.09, 10:45AM
  • Weddings on the Stra Love how the soft, beautiful background brings out the subject of each photo. 09.28.09, 04:34PM
  • Trisha Love, love, love the polaroid pictures! I decided to look at your website on a whim and was pleasantly surprised to see some of our pictures on here! 09.29.09, 04:44PM
  • Lauren Beautiful, love the Polaroids! 10.12.09, 03:33PM
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