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Colorado Wedding Part II

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

After the ceremony their friend brought over his old, collectible Chevy truck and we had an amazing time taking pictures with it!  Since a primary color of their wedding was red, the truck was a perfect touch!  Julianne’s flowers were red and yellow made up of gerber daisies, roses, cala lilies and orchids.  She wore a simple spaghetti strap dress with a hint of ivory around the front waist and down the back and a beautiful pearl necklace.  With her red lipstick and cute hair she looked like a vision from the past.  She was beautiful and Martin was all decked out with his black suite,  orange vest and a calla lily boutonniere.  Her bridesmaids wore long dark orange dresses with the matching spaghetti straps and pearls.   For the reception they used little bird cages in their centerpieces and around their cake.  It was a beautiful wedding and we had a great time; congratulations Martin & Julianne!


Love the romantic feeling of this image and the Sepia toning

Julie walking up to see her groom for the first time

Bridesmaids having fun in the field

I love this shot the blue sky the guys looking cool and smiling.  Usually have to pay them to do that:)

The wedding rings

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  • Natascha Great pictures. I like your style and your colors. Keep up the good work. 03.02.10, 03:59PM
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Denver Colorado Wedding Photography with Martin and Julianne

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Martin & Julianne were married here in Colorado near the foothills in a little chapel with amazing views!  We were able to do the majority of the photography before their wedding with the two of them and their bridal party.  We had them meet at the top of the hill where the hills were a 360 degree view.  Although it was quite a hike for the bride and the bridesmaids, it was worth it once they got to the top.  Their ceremony was beautiful, full of emotion from their friends and family.

Shows off the ring and the old truck

Flowers from the wedding.  The brides bouquet.

One of the bridesmaids smiling before the wedding

The officiant of the wedding.  He had an interesting face and a bright personality

Groom and his grandmother laughing

Julie looking at her groom

Groomsman looking cool


  • ross Beautiful wedding guys! really amazing shots, and lovely colors 03.01.10, 05:44AM
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How to Get Inspired and Stay Inspired with your Photography

Monday, February 22, 2010 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

One of the hardest parts of being a professional photographer is making sure to stay fresh and inspired. Its easy to get bogged down, doing the same thing shooting at the same venues. When your work becomes uninspired, you business struggles. Brides and clients, can tell which photographers are doing new and innovative things. They can tell who is inspired.

The biggest inspiration to our work is wanting to please our clients. We want them to be happy and excited about their images. We feed off their excitement, and the opportunity to create something unique.

When you need a little push for inspiration here are a few ideas that might help you.

1.  Take the next photo- I watched a documentary about Sally Mann about a year ago and I don’t have the exact quote but she talked about taking that next picture to getting over being burned out. She talked about with every great picture you take it almost seems impossible to take the next one. It almost seems impossible to get something better. Her suggestion was to just take the next photo even if its not a masterpiece.

2. Watch a Movie- Cinematographers use light as well. Look at their compositions and lighting. Some of the best and brightest are in Hollywood.

3. Go to the City- Head into the nearest City. Take pictures of lines, and structure and texture.

4.  Go to the Zoo- Get some pictures of the animals. Look at natures patterns and textures. It can be difficult to get a great shot at the Zoo because of the enclosures. Thinking outside the box will be rewarded.

5.  Go to the Race Track- Whether its dirt bikes or nascar. Take your camera. Maybe rent a longer lens. Practice shooting something fast. If you have never tried panning this could be a great time.

6.  Go to Photo.net- Get an account head to the galleries. Easy to browse galleries, in all sorts of categories. Make sure to look in different categories than you usually shoot.

7.  Take a trip to Barnes and Noble- Get a coffee, check out a few magazines. Then head over and look at some of the books. Pick up something like a book on composition or lighting. Buy it.

8.  Go to the Music Store or Browse Itunes- Looking at CD packaging is sure to inspire you. Look at the lighting, the branding, the story that is being told

9.  Watch the top 10 or 20 countdowns on MTV or VH1- Music Videos are on the cutting edge. The lighting, the outfits, the angles and locations. Watch the story and how its marketed to each market.

10. Compete in a photograph Contest or Competition-  You will have to examine your work.  Make it better and present it.  This is a great way for self discovery.

12.  Different Lens-  Shoot with a lens you barely use or have never used.

13.  Different Camera-  If you are digital shoot something analog.  If you are analog shoot something digital.  Poloroids, Holgas, Lomo, are a great place to start.

14.  Help someone- As a photographer you have a wonderful gift.  Find a non-profit, an organization you believe in and donate your vision.

15.  Play with Textures-  Find interesting things with interesting textures.  Peeling paint, Rust, Concrete, the list is endless.  Many of these can be considered a work of art

16.  Use the Textures-  Use the textures as overlays in Photoshop.  You can change your photography into something different and unique

17.  Go Macro-  Shoot something small.  Look at the little things you pass by and ignore and forget about.  Open your eyes you will be amazed.

18.  Play with Colors-  Go out and shoot anything colorful.  Bring them into Photoshop and saturate them some more.

19.  No Color-  Shoot anything as long as its not color.  Be mindful of what makes a great B/W.  

20.  Take a Photography Class-  Get some instruction, learn how others see.  Great places for instruction are Local Community Colleges or Professional Workshops.  

21.  Go to Art Museum-  Everything in the Art Museum will inspire you.  Learn how painters think, it will help your photography in ways you can’t imagine.

22.  Get a Model-   Make sure to pay them.  No TFP shoots here.  This will eliminate you having to produce a great image.  Shoot how and what you want without penalty.  See what you come up with

23.  Shoot self potraits-   Your always around, and you probably have a camera.  Thinking of all the unique angles and ways of shooting with expand your mind.

24.  Make some Photography Friends-  Mentorship, Comrade-re  can be great things.  See and learn how others think

25.  Join a photography Organization-  No matter what you shoot there is probably others doing it.  Join an organization for support and friendship.

  • Susan Thanks for this post! I'm just getting started, but it's been challenging to not get complacent when not having a lot of sessions! I appreciated your post! 03.06.10, 07:18PM
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Thirst Relief raises over 40,000

Friday, February 19, 2010 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

I wanted to say personally thank  you to everyone who participated by bidding or being Mentors.   Thirst  Relief sent an email out that said over 40,000 dollars were raised for the organization.  Its a great cause and a very caring group of photographers.

As always here is a picture to go with the post.  This is a first dance shot from a wedding we have not posted yet.  I just love the elegant feel, and because of the balcony at the Chateaux at Fox Meadows I was able to get this perspective.

If you are looking for a photographer that has shot at Chateaux at Fox Meadows please look at our denver wedding photography portfolio.

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