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Custom Thank you Cards and Save the Dates

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 Posted in colorado wedding photography

We have so many products that sometimes we don’t always have time to show clients what we can do for them. Sierra asked us to put together a custom thank you card. We usually put together a few designs and send them over. After the design has been approved we talk about the papers that these can be printed on. I wanted to share the cover to one of the card designs since I think it turned out pretty cool.  If you are interested in something like this please let us know.

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Colorado Springs Engagement Photography

Friday, March 26, 2010 Posted in colorado wedding photography

Kelley and James invited us to one of their favorite spots for this engagement session.  I can say that we all had a lot of fun with Kelly telling us stories of her child hood hanging out and playing in the area.  The area at the top of the mountain had rocks that reminded me another planet to be honest.  It was fun to play around with something that looked so different. It was quite the hike and adventure.  As you can tell from the photos it got dark on us, and we kind of got lost, trying to get back to the cars.  Lots of joking about never making it back to the car were brought up.  

James is a cameraman for news channel here in town so we had some fun collaborating on these shots.  I wanted to say it really is a honor when someone who works in the industry choses you for their photography.  It is both an honor as well as some pressure.  

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Urban Fashion Engagement Session

  • Chelsea These are really unique and very cool. I love the first one, something about it 03.28.10, 12:51AM
  • andy Thats my favorite shot of them as well. The flare is in just the right spots. 03.28.10, 12:52AM
  • Alex Workman What awesome natural architecture... Great shots. Keep up the great work! 04.02.10, 08:31AM
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Bridal Portraits

Thursday, February 04, 2010 Posted in colorado wedding photography

I haven’t posted a picture lately so I thought I would put this bridal portrait up for you all to see.  I will definitely be sharing more from this session we got some amazing cool pictures from this session.  Kelsey looked amazing and I think she could do some modeling if she ever wanted to.  We had fun with the birdcage veil and sunflower.  You can see more of Kelseys Colorado Wedding Photography here.

Beautiful Bride by white wall

  • ross beautiful shot guys 02.04.10, 01:23PM
  • andy Thanks Ross 02.04.10, 01:40PM
  • Kendra These are fabulous! Beautiful 02.04.10, 10:39PM
  • andy Cheers Kendra 02.04.10, 10:42PM
  • Eric Wow, these are elegant and edgy at the same time. Every one of your shots is different than the ones before which has to take a lot of talent and time. 02.06.10, 05:32PM
  • andy Thats a very nice compliment Eric. It does take a lot of work to create something different every time you shoot. Wait until you see the rest of these, they get better 02.06.10, 05:35PM
  • andreeas knij Thanks for this Site.I found the answer to my question. Andreeas Knij Photo Video Chicago LLC 246 North Pulaski Road Chicago Cook, IL 60641 02.06.10, 05:54PM
  • Karli LOVE these shots! 02.08.10, 04:09PM
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Interesting People at Weddings in Colorado

Monday, January 25, 2010 Posted in colorado wedding photography

One of my favorite parts of this job is looking for interesting people at the weddings we are hired to photograph.  These people mean a lot to the brides and grooms that hire us and its important to get these shots. They mean a great deal to our clients, but they are interesting to others as well.  This picture tells a story whether or not you know this gentleman.  What kind of a story does it tell you?  I really love this photo and wanted to share it, I hope you enjoy it as well.

Interesting man with beard smiles and laughs at wedding

  • Matt Kennedy It tells me he spends a lot of money on mustache wax. 02.05.10, 05:17PM
  • andy You crack me up Matt good to hear from you 02.05.10, 06:54PM
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