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Canned Food for Comments over Monday

Saturday, December 20, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Angie and I will be going to the store on Monday.  You still have a few days to help out and leave some comments!

Thank you so much to those that have stopped by a few times.

  • Lisa Acimovic Make sure you get good food! Nothing worse than crap when you are buying canned food. I hope the holidays are treating you both well. Keep warm and I will talk to you soon! 12.21.08, 04:04PM
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Anthony and Pam| Brown Palace Wedding| Wedding Photography

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Anthony proposed to Pam at the Brown Palace in downtown denver so it was only fitting to have their reception there.  We shared the image of the dove release which was the first one angie and I had done.  It was a really cool thing to watch and made for some really great picture opportunities.  Anthony and Pam really love photography so they gave us a little more time than usual and we went all over town in the limo after the wedding.  I think it really paid off.  We were really happy to hear that Pam had passed the bar out East and would be going out there for a job but also sad since these are two wonderful people and we were lucky to have met them.  Pam and Anthony we wish you two the best!


I posted a few more than usual for you guys since we have been bad bloggers lately.




The best man got really hungry and this shot makes me laugh every time I see it.



  • chelsea I just love the way you two see weddings. Incredible work as usual 12.20.08, 02:54PM
  • Todd Guthers You never cease to amaze me with your work. You are always pushing the bar. This is one of my favorite sites to visit 12.20.08, 02:55PM
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New Blog for Andy and Angie Wood

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer, colorado wedding photography

We have updated the blog with a new look and some new functionality.  You can now follow us from twitter  from the top navigation bar.  The comments section has an email feature if you would like to share a post with someone and the “subscribe icon” has been added if you have an RSS reader and would like to be updated when we have new content.  Other than that a few new images have been added as well as a new look.  

Please let us know if you run into anything that is not working the way you think it should.


Blog of Colorado Wedding Photographers
  • Mark Love the new look on the blog. 12.16.08, 09:42AM
  • Charlotte Wow!!!! i love the new blog!!! its awesome guys! 12.17.08, 05:30PM
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Canned Food For Comments!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008 Posted in colorado wedding photography

Angie and I have been reading about local and national food banks having a hard time with donations this christmas season.  Our friends at www.modernphotographers.com a collection of wildly talented photographers have come up with an idea to help.  We are all donating a can of food for every comment people leave on our blogs.  So help the food banks out and leave us some blog love:)

Happy Holidays,

Andy and Angie Wood

  • Lisa Acimovic That is a cool idea. I hope you are able to collect a ton of food! 12.10.08, 10:48AM
  • Kevin Von Qualen right on, right on, right on!!! miss you guys! hope you are good!! 12.10.08, 02:38PM
  • Kameron Johannes Yay for comments! Yay for canned food! And mostly YAY FOR YOU! You two are absolutely amazing. Bless you both in the coming season! 12.10.08, 02:50PM
  • Charlotte Geary I love the Cans for Comments project! Please add a can for me. :) 12.10.08, 03:02PM
  • Dave Diercks Food for comments? What a great idea! I could comment all day and then no one would be hungry.... I will comment that you two are my favorite photographers, so as to seem on topic, and that even though I have never had the pleasure of hiring your services, I know where to find you when I do need any pics taken.... Hope all is well Andy & Angie! I'll try to leave a message every day until you are done with the canned food drive.... 12.10.08, 03:08PM
  • Dave Diercks I'm hungry, can I get a burger and fries in a can? That's probably really gross....I do hear that canned bacon is completely inedible.... I'll just eat this can of pumpkin.... 12.11.08, 02:03PM
  • matt versteeg good luck! 12.11.08, 07:02PM
  • matt versteeg I wonder how many of these I can leave 12.11.08, 07:02PM
  • matt versteeg well at least 3 12.11.08, 07:03PM
  • jen this is awesome of you guys! good luck. 12.11.08, 11:17PM
  • Dave Diercks I'm occasionally depressed by the lack of deliciousness in a can....then I learned that "canned food drives" would also accept food in a box.....and now I'm no longer sad.... Reminding everyone to just take a pass on the canned bacon..... 12.12.08, 07:06PM
  • Alana D Great idea guys!! Thanks for thinking of those in need during the holiday season!! 12.15.08, 10:30AM
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