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Check this picture out

Monday, November 29, 2010 Posted in wedding photographers

Photography is fun for everyone.  Weddings, have a lot of opportunities to get great shots.  We love to see others having as much fun as we do with photography.  What a great feeling to get that shot you want to show everyone.  This is a shot from a wedding this year.  Yes we will share this wedding as well.  The groomsman having fun shooting and sharing pictures from the weekend of wedding activities.  Makes you wonder what he got doesn’t it?

  • Harry Hilders The picture with the groomsmen is great 12.01.10, 10:07AM
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I am thankful for a goat…

Sunday, November 28, 2010 Posted in misc

We celebrate so many different holidays throughout the year but Thanksgiving is one to make you stop and think. What are you thankful for?  Who are you thankful for?  And why do we wait until this one day of the year to be thankful for these things.

Andy & I are  thankful for our families, our friends, our business and our amazing clients.

But, we are also thankful for…..

~  The amazing tea shop down the street

~  Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

~   Seat warmers in our Jeep

~  Warm Chips & Salsa

~  A good friend’s new baby

~  Photo shoots with our dog

So, What are you thankful for?

Andy & I have family spread out in different places so we find ourselves driving to many dinners on the holidays.  It’s always fun to catch up with family, hear their stories and of course share all of ours.  The funny thing about Thanksgiving is all of the food and after all of that food you are presented with every kind of pie that can be made. Although I think this might be the first Thanksgiving I didn’t gorge myself and I mostly attribute that to the pet goat who joined us for dinner.  I was totally distracted by her and of course the photographer in me took many pictures!  Andy and I are always drawn to animals.  We love them in all their variety.  So today I am also thankful for farm animal photography!

  • Jamey The goat seems to know you love animals and is smiling back! 11.29.10, 06:07PM
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Rock and Roll Bride and Mad Men

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago we shared some film images from a workshop we did here in Colorado with a group we belong to.  The day was amazing and complete with so many details.  There were 3 wedding planners involved who set their own theme and with the help of amazing cake and flower people had a complete set up.

The first theme of the day was done by Gabby from Save The Date Events a darker theme with black linens, tall dark centerpieces with red roses, a black/red bridal bouquet and individual mini black/white cakes at each place setting.  The theme was very well done giving the room a sense of romance and elegance.

The second theme was done by Emily at Particulars and it was very different than the first with lots of color and bright girly aspects.   The amazing Andrea Haydon from AKhaydon Designs teamed up with Emily to create some very unique parts of the theme including a floral wedding cake and pink fluffy cones!

Along with these 2 themes there were a few models decked out thanks to the hard work of:

Tina from Worthwhile Style

Janine from Makeup by Janine

Rachael from Girls & Curls

Jewels Grey

The Rock and Roll couple  played on the old bike out front, laughed as we took polaroids of them and hammed it up when he took out the guitar and they sang together.  This bride wore a unique feather headband, a bone shaped necklace and pretty round blue earrings.  The whole group had a ton of fun playing around with these two!

The second couple were dressed after the characters of  ”Mad Men” and had a completely sophisticated look compared to the others.  The bride wore a more elegant gown with a giant set of pearls and a beautiful pink feather hairband.  Along with a debonair model groom, a fur coat and a tall hat box this couple was awesome to work with!

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Cupcakes at your wedding

Monday, November 22, 2010 Posted in wedding photographers

Cupcakes have been really popular this year and for good reason.  They are pretty, and they taste amazing. It’s amazing to see the different colors and decorations that can be done.  I have to say as well, it’s a nice touch of color at the wedding.  Bringing in details like this can really jazz up the wedding.  This shot was taken with medium format film for those of our brides thinking about having us shoot some at your wedding. Images courtesy of Karli’s incredible wedding at Raccoon Creek Golf Course more coming very soon.

  • Tamara Love,love film. Mind me asking what film you shot? 11.23.10, 05:29AM
  • Karli I want to go back and eat them all again!!! I can't wait to see the rest. What a great teaser! 11.23.10, 03:23PM
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