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Colorado Wedding Photojournalist – Colorado Wedding Photojournalism

Thursday, November 12, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

I don’t even know what to say about these three images, except they choke me up.  Ok, I said it I am a big softy.  I just love the emotion, you can feel it through these few images.  This is Amy and her father just moments before walking down the isle.  



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Photography Gift Cards

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

Well its that time of year again.  I am not sure where the time goes these days.  Its after halloween which means my wife will shortly be putting up christmas stuff everywhere.  I complain outwardly but inside I know I like it.  Since it is fast approaching we wanted to help you with that shopping.  Love a picture that was taken this year by us send them a gift card so they can get a canvas wrap.  Know someone that wants an engagement session, send one of these over to help with bill.   The gift cards come in 25$,50$, and 100$ increments.

Feel free to call us at 303.888.9394 to order or if you need to know how much something is so you can purchase the correct amount.



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  • Rebecca Those are gorgeous! Where did you get them done? 11.15.09, 12:22AM
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We really love our clients and work hard for them

Friday, November 06, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

Angie and I may not be the fastest at delivering photo’s to clients, there is a wait because we are working long hours to make them perfect.  We know photographers around the nation some of them are our friends, that deliver their wedding photography in less than a week.  I can tell you that they are spending less than a day in post processing.  Angie and I spend around a week on each wedding we shoot.  There is a lot that goes into post processing.  

 We have gotten a few emails lately from our wedding clients that just make our day.  It reminds us of why we do this and keeps us fresh and motivated for that next wedding.  We wanted to share a few of them with you.  Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to let us know how these photo’s touch your lives.

Andy & Angie,

Wow!!!! I’m just awwwww struck. The pictures are amazing. I’ve showed them to a few co-workers and they just can’t believe how beautiful they are. There are really no words to thank you enough for the memories. I will treasure them for the rest of my life. You both are the best photographers I’ve ever met.

Shavon Castro

Hi Angie-
We LOVE the pictures!  I’ve been obsessed all day looking at them (see if I got any work done today)!
Thanks!  They are WONDERFUL!

Wow you guys!!!! I forgot to write this last week because obviously I was transferring photos (!!!) onto my computer and then attempting to look at them in every spare second I had…but the packaging and presentation of the disks was amazing!  We love that photo that you put on the inside too and want to hang it on our wall for sure. Hope all is well!  Thanks again SO MUCH!

Wow, you weren’t kidding that you took a lot of pictures.  Oh yeah, and of course we love them!!  How the heck do people decide which ones to get?  Thanks for such an incredible job.

Hi guys!!

Thank you so so much! The pictures turned out AMAZING!!!  Thank you again so much!!  You guys were incredible to work with!!  Hope you’re both doing well!!


Hi Angie!  
We absolutely love the photos!  They are fantastic!  We can’t wait to show our families!  Thanks so much!  

Bryan and Alex Chick

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The list

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

oursponsorsWHCC- Is the best lab in the nation in our opinion.  Their turnaround times are incredible for the complex operation they run.  Whenever we have a problem we can always find someone happy and willing to help us out. I don’t even know what to say about the quality of their work.  It is just top notch every time.

You can find more about them at whcc.com

Flosites-  Ross Tanner and the Flosites crew create some of the most amazing websites and blogs for photographers.  Every-time a new design is published I think to my-selve how do they do that.  We have contacted Flosites to create a new custom blog and website for us, we really can’t wait to see the magic.  On a sad note lets give 5 seconds of silence for our current blog:)  You can read more about flosites and see their designs at flosites

PhotographyMerchantSystems.com- One of our largest costs every year is credit card processing fees.  Ryan at photography merchant systems was able to set us up with solutions that are not only easy to use but cost effective.  I shopped around to find a good company to go with and the hardest thing was getting credible answers to my questions.  The way credit card processing is done can be very complicated for anyone who isn’t a finance major or a mathematician.  Ryan answered my questions until I understood, and when I was done it was obvious Ryan was bringing pricing to the little guy that only large million dollar companies usually get..  The solution we went with will be able to work pick-pic, shootq, and other systems that are common to photography work. You can find more at PhotographyMerchantSystems

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