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Bowling with ShootQ

Friday, January 08, 2010 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

We will be bowling with Shootq on Sunday over at Imageing USA.  I really hope that the guys on the list are not as good at bowling as they are at taking photographs,  otherwise I fear that Andy and I are in big trouble.  We will be on the same team as Ryan Kenny from PhotographyMerchantSystems.  You can get more information here at bowledover. If you are at Imaging USA or DWF convention and you see us make sure to say hello.


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Denver Wedding Photographers Interviewed

Friday, January 01, 2010 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

Andy and I were interviewed for a clip at Vertio.net. Vertio.net is internet talk radio.  If you have never been on there you are missing out they have a whole section dedicated to photography from wedding photographers to commercial photographers.  I listened to a few and will be back to hear a few more in the next few months.  Some of the other photographers they have up already include Rod Evans, Vicky Taufer, and Greg Gibson. We talked about our upcoming WPPI Platform class, as well as whats new for A&A Photography in 2010.  It was interesting being interviewed over the phone, and I think it will be worth a listen.

powered by Vertio.net

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Dogs at Weddings Colorado Mountain Photography

Friday, December 18, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

Wanted to share a great picture of two dogs dressed up as a bride and groom.  This is from the wedding I am currently working on and I just had to share it with you guys. We have had a lot of dogs over the years in weddings, because lets be honest they are part of our families.  Wish we would have had our dog faith when we got married participate in the wedding.  We have talked about this before but we are a dog friendly studio and you are always welcome to bring your dogs along when you come to pick up product  or to consultations.  





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Silverthorne Pavilion Wedding Photography by Andy and Angie Wood

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Andy and Angie Wood (Top 350 Wedding Photographers in the World)

Thursday, December 10, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography


We have been invited to a new association of photographers.  I will post more when the site is launched. This group is invitation only and was selected from a highly selective list of over 5000  wedding photographers around the world.  The selection and invitation was sent to 350 photographers from around the planet.  The panel of photographers on the Review board included  David Beckstead, Ben Chrisman, Del Sol Photography (Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo), Glen Johnson, Anna Kuperberg, Crash Taylor, and David Ziser.

We are so honored and humbled to be included in this list of talented photographers from around the world.

  • Charles Nard Really cool. You deserve this all this success, you have earned it. I am proud of you guys. 12.07.09, 07:30PM
  • Brittany N Kicking butt around the world huh? Guess colorado got too small.Congrats guys, we need to get together soon. 12.07.09, 09:09PM
  • Tyner That is so impressive you two. Congratulations 12.07.09, 10:07PM
  • David Parlor Brilliant team 12.08.09, 12:28PM
  • Shelia We knew this a long time ago that is why we hired you. Cant wait 12.08.09, 02:23PM
  • T Top 350 in the world nice work 12.10.09, 01:54AM
  • Crash Taylor You guys deserve it. Hope you're well. Crash 12.10.09, 04:59AM
  • andy Thanks crash and for the nominations 12.10.09, 06:02AM
  • Lisa Congrats you guys! We always knew it but now you can prove it!! 12.10.09, 08:52PM
  • R. J. Right on!!! You're the first of Denver Photographers that I've heard that have signed up. Sounds like we're in good company:) 12.12.09, 10:00PM
  • Mike Novelli Congrats!! 12.14.09, 09:34PM
  • andy Thanks Mike.. 12.14.09, 09:50PM
  • Chelse You belong there! 12.16.09, 10:32AM
  • andy Thanks Chelse 12.16.09, 12:15PM
  • Kay Beaton Congratulations - your work is beautiful - and so inspiring! Keep up the great work! 12.18.09, 08:55PM
  • andy Appreciate the kind words Kay 12.18.09, 09:11PM
  • beth wow, congratulations! I loooove Denver AND your work! always neat to see a husband and wife team tearing things up! 12.19.09, 09:31PM
  • andy rock on beth 12.20.09, 02:23PM
  • Patti Wallington (Niagara Falls wedding planner) What a great honor to be listed as "one of the best" - your work certainly backs that up, your pictures are excellent. Congrats!! 01.03.10, 06:23PM
  • Joe Woot! Congrats. Inspire++ 01.11.10, 01:57PM
  • andy thanks joe 01.13.10, 02:38PM
  • Ginny Corbett It was great connecting with you and Angie at lunch the other day. I hope we stay in touch. 01.13.10, 09:06PM
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