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Brandon and Kelsey – Denver Wedding Photography

Monday, August 17, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photographer, Denver Wedding Photography

Brandon & Kelsey were married here in Denver at the University Club downtown. When Kelsey first came to meet with us she brought 2 of her best friends (also in the wedding) and her mom; we loved them all and knew were going to have a great time. We did their engagement session several months before their wedding downtown and mostly in the dark. So we definitely used more artistic measures with our photos that night and the light. They were such good sports and seemed to have a good time even in the dark!

Her girls wore long dresses in a periwinkle color and flowers with a combination of calla lilies/roses. Not only were they all ready early but they were up for anything when it came to photos and hung outside with us for a long time in the cold! They had a lot of friends and family who were very involved in the whole process including a band for their reception with Brandon’s dad, brother and friends. They served cupcakes in multiple flavors for dessert and showed a video they made with each other and stories that had everyone laughing.

We were so lucky to be a part of such a beautiful wedding and we wish you guys lots of happiness!

  • Joey's Photography Stunning set of images!!! Love the way you used the light. Can see why you are voted the best in Denver 08.19.09, 02:54AM
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Where have we been?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009 Posted in misc

We just got back from a destination wedding in Alaska. We, returned and shot a wedding on Saturday and Sunday. Got our gear and clothes ready and we are heading back out today for Cancun Mexico for another wedding. We wont be able to answer any phone calls or check emails while we are in Mexico. Hopefully when we get back we can get some of these beautiful photo’s up for you all to see.

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Charlotte our assistant

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 Posted in misc

The story of a girl named Charlotte……..

There is a girl with pretty red hair and freckles to match.  You may not always know what she is thinking but it’s the greatest thing when you get her to laugh.  She loves photography and has quite the eye.  She doesn’t like fancy food; chicken nuggets and fries are her thing and if you bring her a Starbucks she will grin from ear to ear.  She is always dressed all cute and matching but if you let her wear her Converse she will be happy all day.  When we met this girl we knew we wanted her to work for us and so 2 years later she is still our favorite assistant.

Charlotte comes with us to almost all of our weddings.  She sets up lights, she carries equipment, she changes batteries, sometimes she does a little photography for us and on occasion has been known to find us a drink or some food!  She is there for the long drives, the rainy days and the amazing ones too.  We are so thankful for our assistant, Charlotte, who by the way has done some great photography herself  :)

We arrived early to our last wedding in the mountains (like an hour) so Charlotte became a model and we had a fun little shoot!

Here are some of our favorites!

  • Nicole She is GORGEOUS! I'd love to have red hair like hers. And that laugh looks contagious! 07.14.09, 08:44PM
  • Candace These pics are great! Charlotte, you are very pretty;o) 07.14.09, 08:51PM
  • Charlotte The bokah on picture 6 is so awesome. Thank you so much! Love you guys! :) 07.14.09, 09:15PM
  • Cindy Charlotte, you are a bright shining light and when you smile you light up the world!! 07.16.09, 08:22AM
  • David What a beautiful, wonderfully engaging young woman. I'll bet she would put any subject at ease with that wonderful smile. 07.16.09, 10:07AM
  • Mark Look at you all grown up and a great smile. 07.16.09, 02:28PM
  • Sharon What a beauty! I think picture #6 is my favorite - what a beauty! 07.22.09, 07:19PM
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Crash Taylor Interviews A&A Photography

Monday, July 13, 2009 Posted in misc

Most photographers will know who crash is. He is a talented photographer from the U.K who is also known for his interviews of photographers. We couldn’t be more happy to be interviewed with some of the greats of the industry from around the world. The interview was really fun it has a ton of photograph’s from us as well as questions that get down to the bottom of who we are:)

Want to know who we would cast for ourselves in a movie?
Want to know what photographers we want to take our family photo?

Check it out its a great interview. Crash Taylor Interview


  • Andrew Schaefer Great interview guys, I really enjoyed reading it and I loved seeing all the images. 07.16.09, 11:23PM
  • andy Glad you got a chance to read it. Hope you are doing well 07.17.09, 12:29AM
  • James Wittwer Love the interview, and when you get that dream house in Italy, let me know, would love to stop by and say Hi (oh...maybe stay for a week or two). 07.24.09, 01:57AM
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