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Andy and Angie Wood {Seminars}

Thursday, July 09, 2009 Posted in misc

Andy & I have had some amazing opportunities the last few years in our photography career and we have discovered how much we love to teach! One of the things we find very important to ourselves and the growth of our business is constant learning. I’m a strong believer that you can learn from almost anyone anywhere if you are open to it. Through our passion to learn we discovered our passion to teach; to share some of the valuable things we have learned ourselves and how we have grown our business into what it is today. Starting at a local level we spent about 2 years teaching at a local community college here in Denver about photography and digital cameras. Last year we spoke at WPPI in Las Vegas and in the trade show there for WHCC (white house custom color). Because of these amazing experiences we have developed our own teaching style and have put together some awesome workshops.

So, we are announcing our first workshop here in Colorado! It will be 3 days, there will be several models and it will be somewhere you will never expect! We are so excited because this will be unlike any other workshop! Have I intruged you????? Well stay posted because details are coming soon!

We are so excited about the Colorado workshop but we also have some very exciting things planned for the other states! We have spoken to a few of you about a workshop in your city, but are open to anywhere! If you are interested in helping us with a workshop in your city send us an email and we’ll talk!!!!!

  • Tracy Markes Glad you finally listened to me about this. Can't wait 06.06.09, 06:08AM
  • Marcy Bailey If we host do we get tuition free? 06.06.09, 08:46AM
  • David Transio I have been waiting for you guys to do one of these since my class at Arapahoe Community College 06.06.09, 04:45PM
  • andy Yep that is one of the benefits:) 06.06.09, 04:47PM
  • Angela I'd love to hear more details on this.. keep me posted!! Thanks! Angie 06.07.09, 06:59PM
  • Heather M. Smith Just had to add...I AM INTRIGUED and cannot wait to hear the details!! 06.12.09, 11:59AM
  • Lori McCoy Oooh, oooh, pick me, pick me, pick me! I would seriously be interested in hosting a seminar in the Cincinnati area. I've never hosted a photography seminar, but figure it can't be much more complicated than putting together a trade convention for about 400 people (which I did a few years back for my day job!). Seriously, e-mail me some details! 07.06.09, 07:51AM
  • andy Lori thats great angie will send over more information 07.06.09, 12:21PM
  • Crash Taylor Rock on guys! 07.07.09, 01:44PM
  • Beth Armsheimer this is fantastic!! 07.09.09, 02:51PM
  • Sam Hassas You guys have a lot to give. Best of luck guys. ~Sam 07.15.09, 02:13AM
  • andy Thanks sam 07.15.09, 03:35PM
  • Diana I loved that fact that you guys did teach at ACC. Will you be teaching any more at the college? What are your details on the seminar that you will be holding? 07.19.09, 09:11PM
  • Francina Dluhy Your photos and blog are just awesome. As a wedding and portrait photographer in San Jose, I know that it's challenging photographing outstanding pictures. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog to get some inspiration. 12.11.10, 10:08AM
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WPPI Wedding and Portrait Photographers International ( Society of Photographic Excellence and Achievement)

Thursday, July 09, 2009 Posted in Colorado Wedding Photographer

Andy & I work really hard together and love to share milestones and achievements with all of our friends, family and clients. Without any of these people we wouldn’t be where we are today and they continue to give us the support we need every year. I am so proud of Andy, this is an amazing achievement in his career:) Getting this from an organization that puts on the largest convention and trade show in the world for wedding photographers. We found out a few weeks ago Andy is going to receive two certifications from WPPI next year. Andy is the first photographer in the state of Colorado to receive these. Now onto making sure I am the first female in colorado :)

Accolade of Photographic Mastery (APM)—total of 20 Exhibition points
Accolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement (AOPA)—total of 30 Exhibition points

A little about the Society from WPPI:

“The Society’s primary function is to recognize and encourage excellence in photographic artistry and confer Accolades on its Colleagues in recognition of their photographic achievement. Three (3) yearly competitions allow photographers to gain Exhibition points, and Instructional points can be earned atthe WPPI Convention and at WPPI-accredited educational events during the year. In order to participate in The Society’s recognition program, one must complete an application to become a Colleague of The Society.

A&A Photography receives 8 awards of excellence for their colorado wedding photography

A&A Photography receives 8 awards of excellence for their colorado wedding photography

  • Bonnie Thank you both so much. I know it turned into a headache getting home, but it really meant a lot to both of us that you were here and shot our wedding. Hopefully the fishing is something Andy can remember for many years to come and if I'm lucky I can get you both back up here to Alaska... sooner rather then later... I'll start working on that! 08.02.09, 07:18PM
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Destination Wedding Photographers Part II

Thursday, July 09, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

Dave & Jen were married in McCall, Idaho at the Whitetail Resort. Although Dave & Jen had a small destination wedding there were still plenty of details with a lot of meaning. Jen had a beautiful emerald broach she added to her dress and her grandmother helped put on. She also had a short, white fur coat that belonged to her grandmother that was perfect later in the evening when the breeze picked up off of the lake. she wore gold ballet shoes that shined in the sun. Her flowers were made with red roses and red orchids mixed with some pink and green. It was simple elegance!

  • Kate perfect! 07.09.09, 10:34PM
  • Mandi Beautiful image and venue. Colors and compositions very nice. 07.10.09, 08:23AM
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Destination Wedding Photography with Dave & Jen

Thursday, July 09, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photographer

We had the awesome opportunity to fly to McCall, Idaho for Dave & Jen’s wedding. When we first got the call about the wedding in Idaho we were curious why these Californians were going all the way there for the wedding, but once we arrived and saw how beautiful it is, there was no more wondering. Having never been to Idaho, we didn’t know what to expect but we were excited for the adventure. It all started with a smaller plane where the propeller is right outside the window and its loud enough you can’t hear each other well in conversation. There were only about 15 rows on this plane and 2 seats on each side. Once we got there we had to rent a car and we drove about 2 /12 hours to the little resort town of McCall. It sits on a huge lake with other lakes not far away and a mountain atmosphere much like Colorado.
Dave & Jen were married on the dock at the lake amongst a handful of family and friends who had all flown out from California for their wedding. The scenery was amazing and the view off of the dock were perfect for the ceremony. Afterwards they had an intimate dinner with the friends and family inside. They even had a beautiful hotel suite with a large window
We had a great time traveling to Idaho and working with this wonderful couple and their family!

  • Hussey Photography Andy!!! These are SOOOO Good!!! This one is def' one of my fav's (http://www.a-a-photography.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/565_1.jpg) LOOK AT THAT SKY!!!! INCREDIBLE!! :) Great job!! you must have had alot of fun shooting this wedding!! -Tim 07.09.09, 08:00PM
  • Kate LOVE the one with the tree! 07.09.09, 10:33PM
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