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Saturday, December 05, 2009 Posted in family portraits

Coming Soon the two Barnes Family’s. This year has been so busy for us that it has created a few problems. Two many clients and not enough photographers. We are looking into cloning technology as we speak to help take care of the problem:) We wanted to apologize that we were not able to get all of you in this season. If you were not able to get in we have some appointments in January available for the new year.


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  • Rose Beautiful.. Nice light 12.06.09, 01:02AM
  • Rogers Cool picture. Group hug everyone 12.06.09, 01:50AM
  • andy They are fun 12.06.09, 01:59AM
  • Harlan This is a great shot! I love the emotion and happiness. 12.07.09, 02:28PM
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Eastern Colorado Wedding Photographer

Thursday, December 03, 2009 Posted in destination wedding photographer

Mark and Angela were married in eastern Colorado in farm land.   Mark is in the military and has spent a lot of time away so they planned their wedding when they knew for sure he would be home.

When Angela first met with us she said there was a lot of open prairie, tractors and an old truck.  Not knowing us well enough yet she wondered if there would be anything we could work with as photographers, but on the wedding day she found out how excited we were!  She grew up out there and her family still lives there farming the land, she shared many stories of growing up and what is like to live on a farm.  She had both Andy and I rolling on the floor and we knew we were going to have a lot of fun with her on the wedding day with photography.

They used a lot of red in their wedding from the red bride’s maid dresses to red flowers in the bouquets all the way to her crazy red wedding shoes.  They were married in a cute little old church out there in the middle of nowhere and their reception was across the street in one of the only other buildings around.  It was a great wedding to be a part of and we want to thank Mark for all he does for our country in the military.



It was dark after the ceremony so we got some really cool moody images.  Photographers you may have seen this image hanging in a 40×60 at the WHCC booth in Las Vegas


Angela before the wedding for a portrait in the church.  I love this image it makes you keep coming back to the image wondering what thoughts are going through her head


Dramatic, classic but contemporary portrait before her wedding in colorado


Angela by her dads old chevrolet truck.  It made for a stunning bridal portrait


Another Wedding Portrait in front of the old chevy truck in a Old Classic Style


Having a little fun with this bridal portrait.  Going for more of a fashion bridal image. Love all the color in this image


The bridesmaids looking cool with the truck.  Who says the guys can only look cool


Bridal Party, the groomsman with Mark looking cool


Classic bridal image of angela




Another classically styled bridal portrait 



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Wedding Photographers Colorado

Thursday, December 03, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photographer

Here are the some of the beautiful detail shots from the eastern Colorado wedding of Mark and Angela. Lots of beautiful color and textures to work with at this wedding.  Lets not forget some of the cool light.



The bouquet in Angelas fathers old truck.  The bouquet was customized with one of his old red grease rags and rosary.  Very cool 

Red Wedding Shoes


Angelas red  wedding shoes.  Andy and I love  color changing up the shoe color sure can be a lot of fun


A girl has to love details that come in a little blue box.  This is a bracelet from Tiffany & Co to wear for the wedding


A beautiful shot of Angelas Wedding dress in the church in eastern Colorodo where the girls got ready


Another shot of the dress with some dramatic light to spotlight it


Some makeup.  Angela had her wedding makeup done by our favorite makeup artist in Colorado Makup Envy by Danica Jadien

Just a side note that getting your makeup is well worth it.  It really helps the look of the photographs if done properly.  Just a few of the people and companies Danica has done makeup for:



TYRA BANKS (@ MAC COSMETICS)                   







HIGH NOON ENTERTAINMENT                            



JANET ELWAY @ SAKS FIFTH AVENUE                    


CARMELO ANTHONY                    





Wedding ring shot.  We thought the reflection and sleek black look went well



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  • Rogers Just wanted to say hello. I check this blog a lot. Sweet work. The first two are my favorites 12.06.09, 12:07AM
  • andy Thanks for introducing yourself, I am glad you like the blog 12.06.09, 12:09AM
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Wedding Photographer Grant Humphreys Mansion

Tuesday, December 01, 2009 Posted in Denver Wedding Photography

Well the votes are in as you can see below.  I am surprised that only one photographer voted correctly.  The shot has some fill flash added to help brake up the shadows and give detail to the jacket and ground.  The main light was the sun which you can even see in the reflection above the door.


Correct answer is: Available Light and Strobe





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